Revolu??o das plantas , Stefano Mancuso

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Para Stefano Mancuso, o verdadeiro potencial para a solu??o dos problemas que nos afligem est? nas plantas. Sua autonomia energ?tica, ligada a uma arquitetura cooperativa, distribu?da, sem centros de comando, faz delas seres vivos capazes de resistir a repetidos eventos catastr?ficos e de se adaptar com rapidez a enormes mudan?as ambientais. Ao revelar a capacidade ...[Read More]

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Aldo Leopold: A Sand County Almanac & Other Writings on Conservation and Ecology (LOA #238) , Aldo Leopold & Curt Meine

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A special edition of one of the greatest masterpieces of the environmental movement--plus original photographs and other writings on environmental ethics

Since his death in 1948, Aldo Leopold has been increasingly recognized as one of the indispensable figures of American environmentalism. A pioneering forester, sportsman, wildlife manager, and eco...[Read More]

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An invitation to Mathematical Ecology through Interactive Numerical Experiments , Jean-Ren? Chazottes & Marc Monticelli

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*** Interactive Numerical Experiments Inside ***

Summary :
The purpose of this booklet is to introduce some basic models in ecology based on differential equations. We assume little mathematical background. Readers need to know what the derivative of a function is. 

About collection :
This augmented ...[Read More]

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Turn water scarcity into water abundance; as you enable your home, yard, school, place of worship, and/or neighborhood to generate more resources and life! Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 1, 3rd Edition, is the best-selling, award-winning guide on how to conceptualize, design, and implement a diverse array of highly effective and ine...[Read More]

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Braiding Sweetgrass - Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants - A Comprehensive Summary L??rn h?w the f?t? ?f hum?n?t? ?? ?nt?rw?v?n w?th th? f?t? ?f th? environment. Our ?nv?r?nm?nt is ?n ??r?l. Global warming; th? d??th ?f pollinators like b???; b???h erosion; plants and ??????? going extinct - the l??t of tragedies ?nd threats g??? ...[Read More]

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Managing Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes for Sustainable Communities in Asia , Osamu Saito, Suneetha M. Subramanian, Shizuka Hashimoto & Kazuhiko Takeuchi

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This open access book presents up-to-date analyses of community-based approaches to sustainable resource management of SEPLS (socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes) in areas where a harmonious relationship between the natural environment and the people who inhabit it is essential to ensure community and environmental well-being as well as to build res...[Read More]

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Summary and Analysis of The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals 1 , Worth Books

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So much to read, so little time? This brief overview of The Omnivore's Dilemma tells you what you need to know--before or after you read Michael Pollan's book.
Crafted and edited with care, Worth Books set the standard for quality and give you the tools you need to be a well-informed reader.
This short summary and ...[Read More]

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The Coldest Tundra! Arctic & Antarctica Animal Wildlife Children's Polar Regions Books , Baby Professor

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Animals are amazing! There are some that can survive the hottest deserts while others can live in the coldest parts of the Earth. This book will give information on the Arctic and Antarctica animal wildlife. This is your chance to learn about life in the north and south poles without having to endure the freezing temperatures there. Add this book to your collection ...[Read More]

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Puerto Rico Featuring The Island, The People And Their History , Robert Owen Cobb

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Why go to Puerto Rico? Why not? She may or may not become America's 51st state.

An even better motive sas to escape all the mudslinging and name-calling of the American Presidential Election. Unfortunately, we had to return two days before that ominous date because our budget was running low.

We were scheduled to spend seven days at the Royal...[Read More]

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So Human an Animal , C. H. Waddington

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Nonfiction,Social Science,Sociology,Life Sciences > recycling | Published on 05/Jul/2021 16:31

At least until cloning becomes the order of the day, Rene Dubos contends that each human being is unique, unprecedented, unrepeatable. However, today each person faces the critical danger of losing this very humanness to his mechanized surroundings. Most people spend their days in a confusion of concrete and steel, trapped ""in the midst of noise, dirt, ugli...[Read More]

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Ecology Drew's Backyard Ecology , Claire Morrow

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Ecology Drew teaches us all about life science concepts and how they apply to the ecology of his backyard. Learn 8th grade science from Ecology Drew!

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What's that Flower? , DK

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If you have trouble distinguishing chickweed from stitchwort, then this is the ebook for you. Designed as a beginner's guide, but also handy for a more experienced naturalist, What's That Flower? is an indispensable pocket guide that gives you the 150 most common and interesting species and shows you how to tell them apart.

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