Managing the Environment: International Economic Cooperation for Pollution Control

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356 pages , Greenwood , 1971
Outgrowth of a conference organized by the Atlantic Council of the United States and the Battelle Memorial Institute, held Jan. 15-17, 1971, at the Dept. of State, Washington, D.C.

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Pollution How Influences Traveller and Householder Behavior Change

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238 pages , 2020-12-12
In fact, energy consumption, environmental protection and economic growth belong to an organic whole. The development of industry plays an important part in the development of the national economy. Meanwhile the development of industry spends lots of energy and makes serious pollution. Energy is a important material basis of human survival, economic develo...[Read More]

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Climate Change and Air Pollution The Impact on Human Health in Developed and Developing Countries

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430 pages , Springer , 2017-10-16
This book discusses regional and international climate-change, air- pollution and human-health scenarios. The research, from both industrialized and developing countries, focuses on region-specific perspectives of climate change impacts on air pollution. After analyzing the variations of climate data over recent decades, the authors cons...[Read More]

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Air Pollution and Human Cancer

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100 pages , 1990-09-28
Air Pollution and Human Cancer analyzes the evidence for the possible contribution of air pollution to the origin of human cancer. Distinguished experts in various areas of cancer research report on: - air pollution and cancer: an old and a new problem; - sources, nature and levels of air pollutants; - measurement and monitoring of individual exposures; - ...[Read More]

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Effects of Air Pollution on Forest Health and Biodiversity in Forests of the Carpathian Mountains

Published in: Google Books > Science > pollution | Published on 28/Jun/2021 19:50

319 pages , IOS Press , 2002
The effects of air pollution on biota may be subtle and elusive because of their interactions with natural stresses. Studies based on a network of sites in the Carpathian Mountains form the core of the content presented during this workshop. To this core are added key components on ecological sustainability, overviews on forest health in Euro...[Read More]

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The Invisible Killer The Rising Global Threat of Air Pollution : and how We Can Fight Back

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320 pages , 2019
First published in Great Britain in 2018.

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Water Pollution, 1967 Hearings. Ninetieth Congress, First Session

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"Activities of the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration--water quality standards"--Pt. 2.

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Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Pollution

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352 pages , MDPI , 2018-07-05
This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Pollution" that was published in Remote Sensing

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Arctic Air Pollution

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336 pages , Cambridge University Press , 1987-03-05
Arctic atmospheric pollution is now a major international issue. This volume presents the most authoritative review of this increasingly important subject for an audience of both scientists and administrators concerned with worldwide, as well as polar, pollution problems. Arctic Air Pollution is an edited collection of ...[Read More]

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Racial Purity and Dangerous Bodies Moral Pollution, Black Lives, and the Struggle for Justice

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280 pages , Fortress Press , 2017-06-01
At the center of contemporary struggles over aggressive policing practices is an assumed association in U.S. culture of blackness with criminality. Rima L. Vesely-Flad examines the religious and philosophical constructs of the black body in U.S. society, examining racialized ideas about purity and pollution as they have developed h...[Read More]

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A Literature Survey of Ocean Pollution

Published in: Google Books > Marine pollution > pollution | Published on 28/Jun/2021 10:18

110 pages , 1971
Any change in water quality which has an adverse effect on a beneficial use of the marine waters, such as the propagation of fish, shellfish, waterfowl, and other acquatic animals, propagation of kelp and other attached algae, recreational and aesthetic enjoyment, municipal water supply, industrial water supply, navigation, scientific research, and others, const...[Read More]

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Environmental Policy and Air Pollution in China Governance and Strategy

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > pollution | Published on 28/Jun/2021 09:57

200 pages , Routledge , 2020-11-09
This book systematically analyzes how and why China has expectedly lost and then surprisingly gained ground in the quest to solve the complicated environmental problem of air pollution over the past two decades. Yuan Xu shines a light on how China’s sulfur dioxide emissions rose quickly in tandem with rapid economic growth but then dr...[Read More]

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