IntensaMente Coaching en Vibraci?n HEU , Human Ecology University

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2021-01-20T23:08:00Z USA

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Globalisation and Environment Preliminary Perspectives

Published in: Google Books > Competition, International > environmental issues | Published on 26/Jan/2021 00:13

366 pages , Ocde , 1997

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International Oil and Gas Ventures A Business Perspective

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 22:39

446 pages , Amer Assn of Petroleum Geologists , 2000

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Issues Before the 44th General Assembly of the United Nations An Annual Publication of the United Nations Association of the United States of America

Published in: Google Books > International relations > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 22:35

257 pages , Lexington Books , 1989-09
Well written, clear explanations. A good overview of complex subjects. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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Transnational Civil Society An Introduction

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 17:53

270 pages , 2006
"Contains an introduction to the history, achievements, and challenges of transnational civil society initiatives on several critical issues and the forces that catalyzed and shaped those initiatives"--Provided by publisher.

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Red, Green, and Blue The Partisan Divide on Environmental Issues

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 12:51

Cambridge University Press , 2019-04-25
This Element explores the growing party divisions on the environment in the United States. It draws upon quantitative and qualitative data from several decades of national and state politics. The study contributes theory to the party position change literature, showing that interest groups change parties, but in turn are changed by them. I...[Read More]

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The Ethics of Influence Government in the Age of Behavioral Science

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 12:31

234 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2016-08-24
In The Ethics of Influence, Cass R. Sunstein investigates the ethical issues surrounding government nudges, choice architecture, and mandates.

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Don't Even Think About It Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change

Published in: Google Books > Psychology > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 11:49

272 pages , Bloomsbury Publishing USA , 2015-08-18
The director of the Climate Outreach and Information Network explores the psychological mechanism that enables people to ignore the dangers of climate change, using sidebars, cartoons and engaging stories from his years of research to reveal how humans are wired to primarily respond to visible threats.

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A Guide to Environmental Law in Washington, D.C.

Published in: Google Books > Environmental law > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 11:29

236 pages , Environmental Law Inst , 1990
"In the environmental field, understanding Washington can mean getting things done. This book has everything you need: a primer on the laws, descriptions of federal agencies and congressional committees, and profiles of environmental law firms, public interest groups, and trade associations. It includes colorful pieces by promine...[Read More]

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Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Problem-Solving Concepts and Case Studies

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 10:13

400 pages , National Academies Press , 1986-02-01
This volume explores how the scientific tools of ecology can be used more effectively in dealing with a variety of complex environmental problems. Part I discusses the usefulness of such ecological knowledge as population dynamics and interactions, community ecology, life histories, and the impact of various materials and...[Read More]

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Environmental Peacemaking

Published in: Google Books > History > environmental issues | Published on 25/Jan/2021 08:28

244 pages , Woodrow Wilson Center Press , 2002-11-13
VanDeveer, University of New Hampshire.

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