Sustenance and Sustainability: Our Diets' Effects on the Environment | Mary Neimeyer | TEDxERHS

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > environmental sustainability | Published on 16/Sep/2019 11:03

"If every person in China ate the way American's ate, we would need five planet Earths to grow enough food to support them." Mary Neimeyer discusses how ...

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Saving the Environment from Consumerism | Breton Lorway | TEDxCushingAcademy

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > environmental sustainability | Published on 16/Sep/2019 05:35

In this talk, Breton Lorway examines the effects of American Consumerism on the environment. Breton Lorway is a four-year senior at Cushing Academy, and a ...

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Respect for the environment: Protection and Conservation | Christoph Kiessling | TEDxSOAS

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > Environmental protection | Published on 08/Sep/2019 09:07

Population boom is a worrying phenomenon, especially in Africa and Asia. Humans are devastating natural habitats. Civilisation and industry are replacing wild ...

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Why environmental and outdoor education matter | Maggie Gaddis | TEDxYouth@CrestAcademy

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > environmental education | Published on 08/Sep/2019 07:05

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Maggie speaks about experiences and beliefs on Why ...

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Air pollution: causes and impacts | IMTx on edX

Published in: youtube > edX > pollution | Published on 02/Sep/2019 19:22

This MOOC focuses on issues related to air quality. Learn the basics of air pollution and its environmental, health, social and economical effects to better ...

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Questions in nanomedicine, answers in air pollution | Richard Egan | TEDxGdynia

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > pollution | Published on 02/Sep/2019 09:46

Richard is a Fulbright U.S. Student at University of Warsaw. He graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in Chemistry and Chemical and ...

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The Street: An Urban Ecology | Vikas Mehta | TEDxUCincinnati

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > ecology for kids | Published on 26/Aug/2019 12:16

Dr. Mehta see our cities differently, challenging our understanding the diverse role and impact of the world's concrete rivers. Vikas Mehta is interested in various ...

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Environmental Sustainability: Issues in the Philippine Agriculture | Ryan Bestre | TEDxDLSU

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > environmental sustainability | Published on 05/Aug/2019 14:53

Mr. Bestre talked about the issues currently plaguing the Agricultural industry of the country, stating how the industry is not really being given importance by the ...

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School strike for climate - save the world by changing the rules | Greta Thunberg | TEDxStockholm

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > ecology for kids | Published on 29/Jul/2019 04:32

Greta Thunberg realized at a young age the lapse in what several climate experts were saying and in the actions that were being taken in society. The difference ...

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The Scope and Future of Renewable Resources in India | Kunal Munshi | TEDxTheNewtownSchool

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > renewable energy | Published on 22/Jul/2019 09:12

The non renewable resources are depleting day by day and there will come a day when we do not leave anything behind for the future generations . Especially ...

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Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > Ecology | Published on 01/Jul/2019 18:40

Marcos Cruz is the Director of the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. His investigations about Neoplasmatic Architecture, which focused on a contemporary ...

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Should We Trash Recycling? | Mitchell Pham | TEDxUTAustin

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > recycling | Published on 17/Jun/2019 05:17

With our world's growing waste problem, ways to minimize and recycle are becoming increasingly important. We are always told by our parents and friends to ...

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