Ruby & Rufus

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > ecology for kids | Published on 20/Apr/2021 01:46

32 pages , HMH Books For Young Readers , 2021-12-21
In this preschool tale from the world of Gossie & Friends, water-loving goslings Ruby and Rufus play on the pond come rain, sleet, snow, or shine! Ruby and Rufus play at the pond every day. They swim in the rain. They swim when it's windy. Nothing can stop this inseparable pair from doing what they love--until one day, ...[Read More]

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Here Comes the Garbage Barge!

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > ecology for kids | Published on 20/Apr/2021 01:37

40 pages , 2010
When a little town on Long Island is inundated with garbage, its citizens become more environmentally aware, while a garbage barge travels the North American coast in search of a dumping location.

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America for Americans A History of Xenophobia in the United States

Published in: Google Books > History > ecology for kids | Published on 20/Apr/2021 01:20

432 pages , Hachette UK , 2019-11-26
An award-winning historian reframes our continuing debate over immigration with a compelling history of xenophobia in the United States and its devastating impact The United States is known as a nation of immigrants. But it is also a nation of xenophobia. In America for Americans, Erika Lee shows that an irrational fear, hatred, and h...[Read More]

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Published in: Google Books > Animals > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 11:14

320 pages , Yearling , 2020-03-10
When the difficult star of the reality television show "Expedition Survival" disappears while filming an episode in the Florida Everglades using animals from the wildlife refuge run by Wahoo Crane's family, Wahoo and classmate Tuna Gordon set out to find him while avoiding Tuna's gun-happy father.

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Published in: Google Books > > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 09:04

32 pages , 1996-07
Have you ever gone on a bear hunt? Come along on this one with a brave young family -- four children (including the baby) and their father. They're not scared. With them you will cross a field of tall, wavy grass ("Swishy swashy "), wade through a deep, cold river ("Splash splosh "), struggle through swampy mud ("Squelch squerch "), find your way through a big...[Read More]

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The New Children's Encyclopedia

Published in: Google Books > Children's encyclopedias and dictionaries > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 07:48

304 pages , DK Children , 2019-02-07
When? Where? What? Why? This stimulating and comprehensive encyclopedia for children provides answers to all the questions kids love to ask. Each chapter is jam-packed with maps, charts, timelines, diagrams, beautiful images and amazing facts. Did you know, for example, that a single drop of blood contains around five million blood ce...[Read More]

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The Baby Animal Book

Published in: Google Books > Animals > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 07:44

64 pages , Lothian Children's Books , 2017-08-08
An adorable and informative picture book from the 2017 CBCA shortlisted author/illustrator Jennifer Cossins, author of A-Z of Endangered Animals and 101 Collective Nouns. What do you call a baby penguin? Or a baby owl? Or a baby platypus? Look inside this beautifully illustrated picture book and find out!

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Enter Laughing A Comedy in Two Acts

Published in: Google Books > American drama > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 07:37

112 pages , Samuel French, Inc. , 1984
The semi-autobiographical, riotous account of stage-struck young David Kolowitz, originated on Broadway by Alan Arkin, working as a delivery boy in a sewing machine factory. Denying his parent's wishes for a druggist in the family, he leaves their dreams and his devoted girlfriend Wanda behind and is soon enlisted (and paying for) a...[Read More]

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Invasive Species in a Globalized World Ecological, Social, and Legal Perspectives on Policy

Published in: Google Books > Nature > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 07:29

410 pages , University of Chicago Press , 2014-11-24
We live in a globalised world in which people and goods are transported across ecosystem boundaries in greater volumes and faster than ever before. One consequence of globalisation has been the introduction, establishment, and spread of many thousands of species beyond the ecosystems in which they evolved. Many of thes...[Read More]

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Planted A Story of Creation, Calling, and Community

Published in: Google Books > Biography & Autobiography > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 02:54

172 pages , Wipf and Stock Publishers , 2013-08-02
A Bird in the Hand is not a "how to" book, but a "how so" book in which the reader is invited to travel with Leah Kostamo on the wild ride of salmon saving, stranger welcoming, and God worshiping as she and her husband help establish the first Christian environmental center in Canada. Avoiding simplistic prescriptions or...[Read More]

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Chicago History for Kids Triumphs and Tragedies of the Windy City Includes 21 Activities

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 01:57

182 pages , 2007
A history of Chicago recounts everything from the Native Americans who lived in the Chicago area for thousands of years to the 2005 Chicago White Sox World Series win and provides twenty-one activities related to the city's past.

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Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms The Story of the Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind

Published in: Google Books > Nature > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2021 01:42

384 pages , Vintage Books , 2012-12-11
The award-winning author of The Hidden Landscape presents a narrative tour of what living creatures reveal about the history of evolution, demonstrating how various organisms and ecosystems that survive from earlier periods reflect seminal events. 25,000 first printing.

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