Australian Wooden Boat Festival

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The Australian Wooden Boat Festival (MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival) is a biennial event held in Hobart Tasmania celebrating wooden boats. AWBF is held concurrently with the Royal Hobart Regatta. The festival welcomes wooden boats of all sizes including wooden canoes, kayaks and dinghies as well as yachts and tall ships. This festival is a celebration of Australia's maritime heritage, tho...[Read More]

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Earth Education A New Beginning

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334 pages , Inst for Earth Education , 1990

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Air Pollution Control Engineering Third Edition

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598 pages , Waveland Press , 2016-12-15
Engineers in multiple disciplines—environmental, chemical, civil, and mechanical—contribute to our understanding of air pollution control. To that end, Noel de Nevers has incorporated these multiple perspectives into an engaging and accessible overview of the subject. While based on the fundamentals of chemical engine...[Read More]

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Anaerobic Digestion – Making Biogas – Making Energy The Earthscan Expert Guide

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200 pages , Routledge , 2015-01-09
Hundreds of million tonnes of agricultural and food waste are produced each year around the world, most of which is just that, waste. Anaerobic digestion, biogas and the heat and electricity that can be produced from it is still a nascent industry in many countries, yet the benefits of AD spread throughout the community: Gives good fina...[Read More]

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Air Pollution Awareness Video

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Nespresso - Kapsel Recycling in Deutschland

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Das Recycling der Kapseln wird durch das Duale System Deutschland koordiniert. In Deutschland gibt es eine flächendeckende Mülltrennung und eine Recyclingkapazität von 100%. Die gebrauchten...

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10 DIY Creative Ways to Reuse / Recycle Plastic Bottles PART 2

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For more plast bottles recycling ideas see: PART 1 - PART 3 - PART 2 provides ideas: 1 Plastic...

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Silent Snow The Slow Poisoning of the Arctic

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256 pages , Grove/Atlantic, Inc. , 2007-12-01
Traditionally thought of as the last great unspoiled territory on Earth, the Arctic is in reality home to some of the most contaminated people and animals on the planet. Awarded a major grant to conduct an exhaustive study of the deteriorating environment of the Arctic by the Pew Charitable Trusts (the first time Pew has give...[Read More]

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Heatstroke Nature in an Age of Global Warming

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304 pages , Island Press , 2010-04-16
In 2006, one of the hottest years on record, a “pizzly” was discovered near the top of the world. Half polar bear, half grizzly, this never-before-seen animal might be dismissed as a fluke of nature. Anthony Barnosky instead sees it as a harbinger of things to come. In Heatstroke, the renowned paleoecologist shows how glo...[Read More]

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Methods Of Teaching Environmental Science

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344 pages , Discovery Publishing House , 2010-01-01
Contents: Introduction, The Fundamentals, The Environment, Pollution in Nature, Various Kinds of Pollution, Impact on People, Impact on Life, Salient Features, Significance of Soil, Trees and Plants, The Animals, Treasure of Nature, Programmes for Instruction, Teaching Objectives, Teaching Objectives, Teaching Methods, ...[Read More]

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Espiritismo e Ecologia [Spiritualism and Ecology] (Unabridged) , Andr? Trigueiro

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? ? 2015 Livro Falante 2015-03-03T08:00:00Z USA
O que o Espiritismo e a Ecologia t?m em comum? O leitor se surpreender? com as muitas afinidades existentes entre essas duas ?reas do conhecimento, que surgiram na mesma regi?o do planeta h? aproximadamente 150 anos e que hoje despertam interesse e curiosidade crescentes. Esp?ritas e ecologistas utilizam a vis?o sist?mica par...[Read More]

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Kruger National Park - The Ecology and Science of Managing a National Park

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This group aims to discuss the scientific management of the Kruger National Park. Any aspects relating to wildlife management, vegetation management, veld burning and the ecology of African savannas is permitted here. Debate is welcomed, but please do not become abusive or personal in your postings and comments.

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