Use of a hydrological model for environmental management of the Usangu Wetlands, Tanzania

Published in: Google Books > Wetland management > environmental management | Published on 30/Jun/2016 10:24

39 pages , IWMI , 2006
This report presents the findings of a study to assess changes to flows into, and downstream of, the Usangu Wetlands, located in the headwaters of the Great Ruaha River, Tanzania. Hydrological data, in conjunction with remote sensing techniques, were used to provide insights into changes that have occurred to the Eastern Wetland. Results indicate t...[Read More]

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Devil or the Angel? The role of tourism in environmental protection

Published in: youtube > SLOW LIFE Symposium > Environmental protection | Published on 29/Jun/2016 18:01

Sonu Shivdasani, Chairman and CEO, Six Senses Resorts and Spas; Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future; Mohamed Aslam, Minister for Housing and Environment, Government of...

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Routledge Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental education | Published on 28/Jun/2016 08:37

504 pages , Routledge , 2015-10-08
The Routledge International Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development gives a systematic and comprehensive overview of existing and upcoming research approaches for higher education for sustainable development. It provides a unique resource for researchers engaged in the field of higher education for sustainable developme...[Read More]

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MSc in Marine Environmental Management

Published in: youtube > University of York > environmental management | Published on 22/Jun/2016 21:11

With a worldwide consensus that the marine environment needs better management, there is a growing demand for scientists trained in marine resource management and marine conservation. The MSc...

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Committee on Climate Change Science and Technology Integration

Published in: wikipedia > english > Committee on Climate Change Scie | Published on 20/Jun/2016 19:58

The Committee on Climate Change Science and Technology Integration was created as part of the Clear Skies Initiative in February 2002 by George W. Bush, as a Cabinet-level effort to coordinate climate change science and technology research. The White House says: "The Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of Energy will lead the effort, in close coordination with the President's Science Advisor. The ...[Read More]

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Pragmatic Sustainability Dispositions for Critical Adaptation

Published in: Google Books > Sustainable development > Sustainability | Published on 19/Jun/2016 19:09

312 pages , 2016-07-12
This second edition of Pragmatic Sustainabilityproposes a pragmatic, discursive and pluralistic approach to thinking about sustainability.. Rather than suggesting a single solution to the problem of how to live sustainably, this collection discusses broader approaches to social and environmental change. Eight continuing authors and seven new ones adjust th...[Read More]

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Recycle and Reuse old Jeans. DIY, Recon && Craft Ideas!

Published in: youtube > SoCraftastic > recycling | Published on 19/Jun/2016 07:14

Denim-y Goodness. :) SNAIL MAIL ME at my PO Box. Sarah Takacs PO Box 12239 Toledo, OH 43612 Learn how to do stuff by watching other videos: • Flares to Skinny :

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Preventing the Marine/Aquatic life from Impact of Pollution | Mitigating marine pollution

Published in: youtube > Prakriti Garg > pollution | Published on 18/Jun/2016 22:36

How can the world community mitigate the impact of pollution on marine life? MUN Audition by Prakriti Garg.

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Solar PV System for PAAET Project by Green Energy

Published in: youtube > Green Energy > green energy | Published on 17/Jun/2016 18:01

Solar PV System • Client: Public Authorities for Applied Education and Training ( PAAET) • System Size; 2MW- On Grid System • Total Area Covered: Approx. 18000...

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Integrated catchment management

Published in: wikipedia > english > Integrated catchment management | Published on 13/Jun/2016 08:07

Integrated catchment management is a subset of environmental planning which approaches sustainable resource management from a catchment perspective, in contrast to a piecemeal approach that artificially separates land management from water management. Integrated catchment management recognizes the existence of ecosystems and their role in supporting flora and fauna, providing services to human soc...[Read More]

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What Does Biosphere Refer To?

Published in: youtube > Question Me > Earth biosphere | Published on 10/Jun/2016 07:06

What is biosphere? does biosphere mean? Biosphere definition of by the free dictionary. The living organisms and their environment composing the biosphere by most general biophysiological definitio...

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Spiritual Ecology , Rudolf Steiner

Published in: itune > Spirituality,Books,Health, Mind & Body,Religion & Spirituality > Sustainability | Published on 10/Jun/2016 06:04

Today we face an increasing number of challenges connected to our environment - from climate change and extreme weather patterns to deforestation, threats to animal species and ongoing crises in farming. Hardly a day goes by without further alarming reports. How are we to respond - particularly if we wish to take a broader, spiritual view of these events? Today we f...[Read More]

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