Broken Nation Australians in the Great War

Published in: Google Books > History > environmental engineering | Published on 06/Apr/2021 00:45

628 pages , Allen & Unwin , 2014-02-01
The Great War was, for the majority of Australians, one that was fought at home. As casualties of this monstrous war mounted, they triggered a political crisis of unprecedented ferocity in Australian history. The fault-lines that emerged in 1916-18 around

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This Restaurant Makes Sustainability Cool

Published in: youtube > Munchies > Sustainability | Published on 05/Apr/2021 12:01

Brooklyn bar and restaurant Hunky Dory is determined to function efficiently. Owner Claire Sprouse, who previously tackled issues like water conservation while ...

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Images of the Pacific Rim Australia and California, 1850-1935

Published in: Google Books > Art > environmental education | Published on 29/Mar/2021 13:50

367 pages , Power Publications Incorporated (FL) , 2010
Australia and California have shared aesthetic ideas through imported popular imagery for nearly 200 years. From gold rush photography to Spanish-style houses, this is the fascinating story of aesthetic exchange between two cultures. The absorption of images into the everyday life of these 'new' Western societies, m...[Read More]

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The Century of Science The Global Triumph of the Research University

Published in: Google Books > Education > Environment care | Published on 08/Mar/2021 07:46

312 pages , Emerald Group Publishing , 2017-09-15
In The Century of Science, a multicultural, international team of authors examine the global rise of scholarly research in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health fields, providing insightful historical and sociological understandings of the ways that higher education has become an institution that shapes...[Read More]

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Uni Grad's $US12,000 Eco Tiny House

Published in: youtube > Living Big In A Tiny House > ecology for kids | Published on 01/Mar/2021 23:18

After graduating from university, this entrepreneurial young couple kick started their next phase of life by building an incredible eco tiny house together! Support ...

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TEO by ENGIE - The green energy origin certified by blockchain

Published in: youtube > ENGIE Innovation > green energy | Published on 24/Aug/2020 15:45

Blockchain The TEO web platform developped by ENGIE allows customers to know in real time where their green energy comes from: hydro, wind, solar, …

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The Journeys of Trees: A Story about Forests, People, and the Future , Zach St. George

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences > Sustainability | Published on 13/Jul/2020 16:12

An urgent and illuminating portrait of forest migration, and of the people studying the forests of the past, protecting the forests of the present, and planting the forests of the future.

Forests are restless. Any time a tree dies or a new one sprouts, the forest that includes it has shifted. When new trees sprout in the same direction, the whole forest b...[Read More]

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Intelligent Automation in Renewable Energy

Published in: Google Books > Computers > green energy | Published on 06/Jul/2020 22:08

285 pages , Springer , 2019-02-05
After an introduction to renewable energy technologies, the authors present computational intelligence techniques for optimizing the manufacture of related technologies, including solar concentrators. In particular the authors present new applications for their neural classifiers for image and pattern recognition. The book will be of int...[Read More]

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Biosphere Reserves in India

Published in: youtube > CCKRao GK > Earth biosphere | Published on 04/May/2020 15:38

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Bottled Lightning , Seth Fletcher

Published in: itune > Science & Nature,Books,Professional & Technical,Engineering > green energy | Published on 30/Mar/2020 18:27

Lithium batteries may hold the key to an environmentally sustainable, oil-independent future. From electric cars to a "smart" power grid that can actually store electricity, letting us harness the powers of the sun and the wind and use them when we need them, lithium--a metal half as dense as water, found primarily in some of the most uninhabitable places on ea...[Read More]

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Opportunities and Challenges for Environmental Sustainability: A Socioeconomic and Political Analysis

Published in: Google Books > Nature > environmental sustainability | Published on 13/Jan/2020 22:22

213 pages , Fritz Dufour , 2019-05-26
This report is a socioeconomic and political analysis of environmental sustainability in terms of the present state of the environment, what we can do to reverse the negative trends, and what the current and potential barriers are. First, it offers a background of the issue through a historical perspective. How we got here has a lot ...[Read More]

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Spiritual Ecology , Rudolf Steiner

Published in: itune > Religion & Spirituality,Books > Environment care | Published on 28/Jan/2019 16:50

Today we face an increasing number of challenges connected to our environment - from climate change and extreme weather patterns to deforestation, threats to animal species and ongoing crises in farming. In the extracts presented here with commentary and notes by Matthew Barton, Steiner speaks about human perception, the earth, water, plants, animals, insects, agric...[Read More]

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