What We Need To Do Now sets out a comprehensive programme of action to counter the threats to our environment. It is a manifesto for groups around the world that are seeking urgent action on climate breakdown and other threats.

Emphasising the importance and relative simplicity of decarbonising our energy supply, the book also stresses tha...[Read More]

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Sustainability A Systems Approach

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Sustainability | Published on 04/Feb/2019 22:16

270 pages , Routledge , 2015-12-08
The question of sustainability affects most areas of human activity. It is intrinsically complex and multi-disciplinary. Sustainable policies have to adapt to new knowledge and changing circumstances. Understanding sustainability and ways of achieving it have to involve an understanding of complex adaptive systems and general systems th...[Read More]

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Man of Steel (2013)

Published in: youtube > Warner Movies On Demand > Ecology | Published on 20/Aug/2018 17:56

Superman takes to the skies once more as Henry Cavill dons the mantle of the Man of Steel -- wrestling with a past he can't comprehend and a future he cannot ...

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Remaking College , Mitchell Stevens & Michael W. Kirst

Published in: itune > Education,Books,Professional & Technical > Ecology | Published on 07/Aug/2018 19:19

Between 1945 and 1990 the United States built the largest and most productive higher education system in world history. Over the last two decades, however, dramatic budget cuts to public academic services and skyrocketing tuition have made college completion more difficult for many. Nevertheless, the democratic promise of education and the global competition for edu...[Read More]

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T.A.R.A. (The Animal Rights Assembly)

Published in: facebook > group > Sustainability | Published on 26/Jul/2018 10:26

If I am Human... What are They? If They are Human... What am I? How do we separate ourselves from the monsters that abuse,or the sleepers who have the disease,Apathy.The Answer...We fight the monsters,the demons in human skin that walk among us,with every thing we have at our disposal,we awaken sleepers,& teach them Empathy,the only cure for Apathy. We are the Keepers of the Earth. We come togeth...[Read More]

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Value Based Health Care Linking Finance and Quality

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Environment care | Published on 20/Jul/2018 06:34

224 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2009-10-01
Value-Based Health Care Linking Finance and Quality Yosef D. Dlugacz Value-Based Health Care? Value-Based Health Care?concisely explains the mandate to successfully link health care quality and finance and describes the tools to implement strategies for organizational success. Yosef Dlugacz provides many illustrative real-world ...[Read More]

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Renewable Energy-Magnetic Power-Amplified Electricity

Published in: youtube > attractionlaw > renewable energy | Published on 13/Jul/2018 11:03

DESCRIPTION AND WORKING PRINCIPLES OF: THE LEA ELECTRICITY PRODUCING DEVICE. In order to gain an understanding of the operation of a LEA (Lutec Electricity Amplifier) it must be understood...

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Evaluating Alternative Sources of Energy: Solar Energy from Space (Paul Jaffe)

Published in: youtube > NCASVideo > alternative power | Published on 09/Jun/2018 15:43

Concerns about global climate change have focused attention on a range of alternative energy sources that have minimal or greatly reduced carbon emissions when compared with conventional energy...

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Magnetocaloric Energy Conversion From Theory to Applications

Published in: Google Books > Science > alternative power | Published on 25/May/2018 21:10

456 pages , Springer , 2014-12-03
This book provides the latest research on a new alternative form of technology, the magnetocaloric energy conversion. This area of research concerns magnetic refrigeration and cooling, magnetic heat pumping and magnetic power generation. The book’s systematic approach offers the theoretical basis of magnetocaloric energy conversio...[Read More]

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Making Law Matter Environmental Protection and Legal Institutions in Brazil

Published in: Google Books > Law > Environmental protection | Published on 15/May/2018 23:47

264 pages , Stanford University Press , 2008-05-30
Making Law Matter presents the first book-length treatment of an innovative prosecutorial institution, the Brazilian Ministrio Publico, which refashioned itself in the 1980s into a powerful defender of citizen rights in environmental protection, as well as in other areas of public interest such as disability rights, cons...[Read More]

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Informed Decisions on Risk - Integrated Health, Safety & Environmental Management (4/9)

Published in: youtube > OpenLearn from The Open University > environmental management | Published on 11/May/2018 11:13

For more like this subscribe to the Open University channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXsH4hSV_kEdAOsupMMm4Qw Free learning from The Open University http://www.open.edu/openlearn/science-ma...

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Environmental Management Accounting Procedures and Principles

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental management | Published on 15/Apr/2018 01:54

144 pages , UN , 2001
The objective of this report is to define principles and procedures for Environmental Management Accounting (EMA). The focus is on techniques for quantifying environmental expenditures or costs as a basis for the development of national EMA guidelines and framework. This publication is intended to minimize the cost of introducing EMA systems by offe...[Read More]

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