Fundamentals of HVACR

Published in: Google Books > Air conditioning > renewable energy | Published on 31/Jul/2018 04:04

1552 pages , Prentice Hall , 2016-01-11

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Fleet Tools; NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

Published in: Google Books > > green energy | Published on 26/Jun/2018 06:28

From beverage distributors to shipping companies and federal agencies, industry leaders turn to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to help green their fleet operations. Cost, efficiency, and reliability are top priorities for fleets, and NREL partners know the lab's portfolio of tools can pinpoint fuel efficiency and emissions-reduction strategies that also support ope...[Read More]

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Environment News - Environmental Protection Agency, Barack Obama, E.P.A., Beijing

Published in: youtube > Wochit News > Environmental protection | Published on 20/Jun/2018 15:43

Obama Rounds Out Cabinet With Budget, EPA, Energy Picks Obama announced his nominees to lead a new U.S. push to tackle climate change on Monday and also announced his choice to lead the budget...

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Sustainable Home

Published in: youtube > CornerstoneSIP > Sustainability | Published on 09/Jun/2018 20:27

Cornerstone Building system wins Master Builders DBH Best Sustainability Award less than $500K & Pink Batts Energy Efficiency Awards. Alan Baddeley of Future Homes NZ Ltd represents Cornerstone...

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Environmental Management in Canada

Published in: Google Books > Business planning > environmental management | Published on 05/Jun/2018 07:43

259 pages , Whitby, Ont. : McGraw-Hill Ryerson , 1996

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Electronic Waste (eWaste) Recycling Facility- CP Group

Published in: youtube > CPManufacturing > recycling | Published on 22/May/2018 12:17

MSS, Inc., a division of CP Group, designed and supplied the equipment for this state-of-the-art eWaste recycling and recovery facility in Georgia.

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Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

Published in: wikipedia > english > Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disast | Published on 19/May/2018 07:55

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (福島第一原子力発電所事故, Fukushima Dai-ichi ( pronunciation) genshiryoku hatsudensho jiko) was an energy accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima Prefecture, initiated primarily by the tsunami following the Tōhoku earthquake on 11 March 2011. Immediately after th...[Read More]

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Second International Ocean Pollution Symposium, Beijing, China, 4-8 October, 1993

Published in: Google Books > Science > pollution | Published on 16/May/2018 20:07

190 pages , CRC Press , 1995-01-01

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Layout of Wastewater Engineering | Environmental Engineering | CE

Published in: youtube > THE GATE ACADEMY > environmental engineering | Published on 06/May/2018 06:04

Real Life Application A study of management of wastewater produced from a city. It involves the transportation of wastewater from various parts of the city to a wastewater treatment plant,...

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Systems Practice: How to Act in a Climate Change World

Published in: Google Books > Computers > environmental engineering | Published on 17/Apr/2018 01:54

340 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2010-07-20
It is now accepted that humans are changing the climate of the Earth and this is the most compelling amongst a long litany of reasons as to why, collectively, we have to change our ways of thinking and acting. Most people now recognise that we have to be capable of adapting quickly as new and uncertain circumstan...[Read More]

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WHO: Air pollution leading cause of cancer

Published in: youtube > Al Jazeera English > pollution | Published on 13/Apr/2018 23:36

Outdoor air pollution is a leading cause of cancer in humans, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The IARC said...

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Environmental Engineering | Method to Forecast Population | Arithmetic Mean

Published in: youtube > THE GATE ACADEMY > environmental engineering | Published on 12/Apr/2018 17:45

Click to Know more: Population projections are estimates of the population for future dates. They are typically based on an estimated population consistent with the...

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