Mosquito Trails , Alex M. Nading

Published in: itune > Social Science,Books,Nonfiction > recycling | Published on 16/Aug/2018 05:46

Dengue fever is the world's most prevalent mosquito-borne illness, but Alex Nading argues that people in dengue-endemic communities do not always view humans and mosquitoes as mortal enemies. Drawing on two years of ethnographic research in urban Nicaragua and challenging current global health approaches to animal-borne illness, Mosquito Trails tells the stor...[Read More]

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Crowdify CleanTech

Published in: facebook > group > environmental science | Published on 09/Jul/2018 22:26

Cleantech funding and discussion will be a big part of Crowdify as it is where my true passion lies. These are the Crowdify membership benefits for those who are interested in Cleantech startups. Readership access to all the content on will always be free. Annual for $70 and Lifetime for $400. Both memberships are able to paid off by arrangement. There is a fast growing list of reaso...[Read More]

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Awakening earth exploring the evolution of human culture and consciousness

Published in: Google Books > Philosophy > Earth biosphere | Published on 07/Jul/2018 02:27

382 pages , William Morrow & Co , 1993-11
The author of Voluntary Simplicity balances science with spirituality in a study of human evolution, from the appearance of reflective consciousness to modern communications, and proposes three additional stages to be realized. 25,000 first printing. $15,000 ad/promo.

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Ansel Elgort Says The World Is Behind On Environmental Protection

Published in: youtube > GQ Australia > Environmental protection | Published on 17/Jun/2018 14:12

Ansel Elgort was announced as the International Sensation of the Year at the GQ Men of the Year awards in Sydney, presented by Audi Australia. Box-office star, recording artist and accomplished...

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Environmental Education

Published in: Google Books > > environmental education | Published on 15/Jun/2018 00:55

210 pages , APH Publishing

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Environmental sustainability

Published in: youtube > Travis Ireland > environmental sustainability | Published on 11/Jun/2018 03:04

Design and technology ACTDEK001-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free...

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Watch the highlights of the largest sustainability gathering in the world!

Published in: youtube > EcoWASTE > Sustainability | Published on 01/Jun/2018 12:56

Today, #ADSW2018 #WFES #IWSAbuDhabi #EcoWASTE welcomed some of the most important leaders at ADNEC. Here are some of the key moments from day one.

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Renewable Energy 101: Hydropower

Published in: youtube > Green Mountain Energy > green energy | Published on 27/May/2018 02:16

Energy produced from moving water is commonly referred to as hydro energy, and it is one of the oldest sources of energy on the planet. Learn all the ins and outs in this clip, and visit...

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Ecology Service srl

Published in: facebook > page > Environment care | Published on 06/Apr/2018 11:14

Dall’esperienza trentennale del nostro Team e dalla coalizione del nuovo organico societario nasce un nuovo progetto aziendale affermandosi in tutto il territorio siciliano e nazionale.La Ecology Service s.r.l. si occupa di servizi di derattizzazione, disinfestazione e disinfezione, svolgendo tutti i suoi servizi in modo radicale e profesionale. LA NOSTRA MISSIONE è la risposta profess...[Read More]

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Cyanobacteria- Environmental Education Video KF & MB

Published in: youtube > Kels F > environmental education | Published on 24/Mar/2018 18:49

Cyanobacteria video for Environmental Education.

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Ecological footprint

Published in: youtube > Shomu's Biology > Ecology | Published on 24/Mar/2018 05:03

This lecture explains about the ecological footprint. what is ecological footprint? It also explains about the available ecological capacity present in every ecosystem and thus help us to conclude...

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Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century (full film)

Published in: youtube > dcgforrizzle > renewable energy | Published on 14/Mar/2018 06:37

Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century is a documentary film aimed at providing a general introduction about the virtues and benefits of moving away from fossil fuels and towards renewable...

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