Solid Waste Recycling and Processing, 2nd Edition

Published in: Google Books > Engineering > recycling | Published on 20/Jul/2020 11:13

224 pages , 2013
Solid Waste Recycling and Processing, Second Edition, provides best-practice guidance to solid waste managers and recycling coordinators. The book covers all aspects of solid waste processing, volume reduction, and recycling, encompassing typical recyclable materials (paper, plastics, cans, and organics), construction and demolition debris, electronics, and more...[Read More]

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Go Green: Green Living: Green Facts, Green Energy and Tips for Going Green

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > green energy | Published on 06/Jul/2020 22:32

36 pages , Go Green & Discover How Green , 2017-03-16
Would you love to save money and help the planet? Whether you want to (1) find all natural solutions to common problems, (2) protect the environment, or (3) find out all the incredible benefits to going green, this book will teach you everything you need to know. Going green is a win-win proposition. It's great to go ...[Read More]

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Alternative Electrical Energy Sources FREE ENERGY- OFF GRID- SOLAR POWER

Published in: youtube > True Solar Power > alternative power | Published on 02/Jun/2020 01:41

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO - Solar Power, is one of the most available sources on the planet. However, being an intermittent source of ...

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M. Eng. in Energy and Environmental Management (EEM) at the University of Flensburg

Published in: youtube > Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) > environmental management | Published on 13/Jan/2020 23:29

You want to fight climate change and energy poverty? You want to manage sustainable energy systems? Study Master of Engineering in Energy and ...

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Sustainable Consumption and Production , Yale Center for Industrial Ecology

Published in: itune > Science & Medicine,Science & Medicine,Podcasts > Environment care | Published on 15/Apr/2019 05:00

2011-10-06T16:13:00Z USA

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ATETV Episode 15: Environmental Engineering; Process Technology; Information Security

Published in: youtube > ATETV > environmental engineering | Published on 05/Aug/2018 04:10

From protecting our air and water to protecting a computer network, ATE students are learning skills that will help them make a real impact.

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Recycling and Reuse of Glass Cullet Proceedings of the International Symposium Organised by the Concrete Technology Unit and Held at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK on 19-20 March 2001

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > recycling | Published on 29/Jul/2018 01:24

292 pages , Thomas Telford , 2001
The necessity for adopting sustainable practices is becoming increasingly clear, and the recovery of maximum value from surplus glass cullet is a key component in this. The concrete construction industry can provide a number of alternative uses for cullet that can add value to this waste material. This book presents the proceedings of an...[Read More]

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GCSE Science Physics (9-1) Renewable sources of energy

Published in: youtube > Freesciencelessons > renewable energy | Published on 22/Jul/2018 14:28

You can easily find all the videos that you need on my website, along with other great revision resources. Check it out In this ...

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Natural Playscapes Creating Outdoor Play Environments for the Soul

Published in: Google Books > Child care services > ecology for kids | Published on 16/Jul/2018 15:29

313 pages , 2008
This book will inspire you to create extraordinary outdoor places for young children without highly complex play contraptions surrounded by a sea of wood chips or gravel... Places for children that tickle the imagination and surprise the senses...Places for young ones of all abilities to discover themselves and the world around them... Natural places where the e...[Read More]

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Published in: youtube > Dick Benton > Earth biosphere | Published on 13/Jul/2018 01:25 ...

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Learn English & explore environmental issues - Green Leadership

Published in: youtube > ilscTV > environmental issues | Published on 07/Jul/2018 04:42 -- In this course students challenge themselves to discuss and reflect on the current environmental issues in the North West Coast of Canada as well as...

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The Nuclear Energy Option An Alternative for the 90s

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > alternative power | Published on 01/Jul/2018 11:51

338 pages , Plenum Publishing Corporation , 1990

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