Seven generation sustainability

Published in: wikipedia > english > Seven generation sustainability | Published on 17/Jul/2018 07:27

Seven generation stewardship is a concept that urges the current generation of humans to live and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future. It originated with the Iroquois – Great Law of the Iroquois – which holds appropriate to think seven generations ahead (about 140 years into the future) and decide whether the decisions they make today would benefit their ch...[Read More]

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Technology and Global Change

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 07/Jul/2018 07:34

464 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2003-10-16
This is the first book to comprehensibly describe how technology has shaped society and the environment over the last 200 years. It will be useful for researchers, as a textbook for graduate students, for people engaged in long-term policy planning in industry and government, for environmental activists, and for the wid...[Read More]

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Stewardship cessation

Published in: wikipedia > english > Stewardship cessation | Published on 28/Jun/2018 08:41

Stewardship cessation is a concept useful in system engineering. Certain systems remain hazardous for a considerable period after their useful life, and will usually be managed to ensure that the public and the environment is not exposed to the hazard. It is incumbent on the systems designer to consider the outcome should this stewardship be discontinued for any reason, and to design a system whic...[Read More]

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Show and Tell 2025 | Environmental Sustainability | GetUp! Australia

Published in: youtube > GetUp! Australia > environmental sustainability | Published on 12/Jun/2018 15:09

What do Tony Abbott, adorable kids, the Great Barrier Reef, coal seam gas, and bullet wounds have in common? If Prime Minister Abbott and big industry get their way, the stringent environmental...

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The Wonders of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech > environmental engineering | Published on 11/Jun/2018 11:33

Christopher (Chris) Roesel: What happens without access to clean water and proper sanitation? Civil and environmental engineering solutions can be simple, or more complex, and CEE water and...

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Can we have economic growth and environmental sustainability

Published in: youtube > bigpictv > environmental sustainability | Published on 23/Apr/2018 16:47

Achim Steiner believes that global economic growth needs environmental sustainability. Simply put, environmental sustainability - encompassing better use of resources, less fossil fuel use,...

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Air Pollution Modelling

Published in: youtube > National Physical Laboratory > pollution | Published on 04/Apr/2018 17:06

Air Pollution Modelling by Garry Hayman, NPL Recorded June 2007 Celebrating Science is a series of lectures given by NPL scientists or external speakers designed to inspire and inform us about...

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Monthly Checklist of State Publications

Published in: Google Books > State government publications > environmental engineering | Published on 03/Apr/2018 12:28

June and Dec. issues contain listings of periodicals.

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An Ecology of Happiness , Eric Lambin & Teresa Lavender Fagan

Published in: itune > Science & Nature,Books,Nonfiction,Philosophy,Earth Sciences,Life Sciences > recycling | Published on 09/Mar/2018 09:55

We know that our gas-guzzling cars are warming the planet, the pesticides and fertilizers from farms are turning rivers toxic, and the earth has run out of space for the mountains of unrecycled waste our daily consumption has left in its wake. We've heard copious accounts of our impact--as humans, as a society--on the natural world. But this is not a one-sided relat...[Read More]

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Why is Recycling Important to us?

Published in: youtube > Ashley Williams > recycling | Published on 08/Mar/2018 17:34

I made this video for a project in my ag. science class on animoto. We had to find ways to help spread the word and get people to recycle more. Help raise awareness :) Hope you enjoy it like...

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Global Warming

Published in: Google Books > Science > global warming | Published on 04/Mar/2018 08:46

288 pages , Routledge , 2014-05-01
First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Environmentally appropriate technology renewable energy and other developing technologies for a conserver society in Canada

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > renewable energy | Published on 24/Feb/2018 03:30

155 pages , Fisheries and Environment Canada , 1977

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