The Vertical Farm , Dr. Dickson Despommier

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"The vertical farm is a world-changing innovation whose time has come. Dickson Despommier's visionary book provides a blueprint for securing the world's food supply and at the same time solving one of the gravest environmental crises facing us today."--Sting

Imagine a world where every town has their own local food source, grown in the safest way possible...[Read More]

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MOST EXPECTED 170+ Q & A OF ECOLOGY FOR NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER EXAM 2020|Most Important Ecology Questions

Published in: youtube > SWARNIM BIOLOGY CLASSES by Shubham Tiwari > Ecology | Published on 02/Jul/2019 03:13


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Companion to Environmental Studies

Published in: Google Books > Nature > environmental science | Published on 28/Jan/2019 22:51

848 pages , Routledge , 2018-05-01
Companion to Environmental Studies presents a comprehensive and interdisciplinary overview of the key issues, debates, concepts, approaches and questions that together define environmental studies today. The intellectually wide-ranging volume covers approaches in environmental science all the way through to humanistic and post-natural p...[Read More]

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The Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming

Published in: youtube > Beverly Biology > global warming | Published on 03/Aug/2018 03:43

The basics of the greenhouse effect and climate change/global warming are discussed. Teachers: You can purchase this PowerPoint from my online store. The link below will provide the details:...

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Air Pollution and Meterorological Modeling

Published in: youtube > C Tech Support > pollution | Published on 18/Jul/2018 23:17

Air pollution and meteorology are disciplines where 3D visualization is beginning to become commonplace on the evening news. EVS-PRO and MVS provide the tools to visualize and animate this...

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Environment Pollution: Hazards And Control

Published in: Google Books > Pollution > pollution | Published on 30/Jun/2018 00:29

207 pages , Concept Publishing Company , 2006-01-01

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Global Effects of Environmental Pollution A Symposium Organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science Held in Dallas, Texas, December 1968

Published in: Google Books > Science > pollution | Published on 15/Jun/2018 09:46

232 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2012-12-06
The Symposium on the Global Effects of Environmental Pollution has performed an important task; it has helped to determine the world-wide impact of certain types of local pollution and has uncovered certain unsuspected effects that might hold dan gerous implications for the future. This Symposium should help to m...[Read More]

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Constructing Green The Social Structures of Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Architecture > Sustainability | Published on 12/Jun/2018 15:53

399 pages , MIT Press , 2013-08-02
Experts consider green construction and the social, institutional, and cultural changes associated with it, through a sociological and organizational lens.

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Tidy Travels

Published in: facebook > group > renewable energy | Published on 28/May/2018 15:21

This movement has been created for EVERYONE. It's here to promote the cleaning up of litter and other by-products of human consumption. This group is to inspire others to do their bit, whether you're commuting to work, school or travelling - pick it up and bin it. Share your achievements, tell your stories, but most of all promote a tidier planet! We are all enjoying Earth, let's not spoil it ...[Read More]

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Applied Natural Science Environmental Issues and Global Perspectives

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 25/May/2018 08:23

458 pages , CRC Press , 2017-03-03
Applied Natural Science: Environmental Issues and Global Perspectives provides the reader with a complete insight into the natural-scientific pattern of the world, covering the most important historical stages of the development of various areas of science, methods of natural-scientific research, general scientific and philosophical con...[Read More]

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Global Ecology Environmental Change and Social Flexibility

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 14/May/2018 18:11

256 pages , Routledge , 2003-09-02
The magnitude and rapidity of global environmental change threatens the perpetuation of life on Earth. Many aspects of this crisis are familiar to us - the destruction of tropical rainforests, the hole in the Antarctic ozone, desertification, soil erosion - yet we avoid the underlying challenge of a rapidly deteriorating ecological syst...[Read More]

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Permutational analysis of variance

Published in: wikipedia > english > Permutational analysis of varian | Published on 08/Apr/2018 04:48

Permutational multivariate analysis of variance (PERMANOVA), is a non-parametric multivariate statistical test. PERMANOVA is used to compare groups of objects and test the null hypothesis that the centroids and dispersion of the groups as defined by measure space are equivalent for all groups. A rejection of the null hypothesis means that either the centroid and/or the spread of the objects is dif...[Read More]

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