The BIGGEST problem with clean energy

Published in: youtube > Physics Girl > green energy | Published on 22/May/2023 21:09

To reach our global goal of being net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we must solve one problem - energy storage. Thank you to ...

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I got PROMOTED + Toxic kid caught modifying Recycle Bin before SS ?

Published in: youtube > Headed > recycling | Published on 09/Aug/2021 06:56

Hey guys, today I got promoted to senior admin on cavepvp! Also I screenshared a staff member from a different server and he was being pretty toxic, make sure ...

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Pollution-? CONTROL ???????? ???????????????? | Biomimicry | LMES

Published in: youtube > Let's Make Education Simple > pollution | Published on 26/Jul/2021 12:14

For Class 6 to 12 students To Enroll in App development Workshop, Click For Classes 6 to 12 only.

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zero waste make up routine | sustainable, eco-friendly, & green beauty brands

Published in: youtube > Shelbizleee > Sustainability | Published on 27/Jun/2021 21:13

"You cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that you can do.

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Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases From Basic Concepts to Engineering Applications for Air Emission Control

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > pollution | Published on 14/Jun/2021 01:24

481 pages , Springer , 2014-11-03
This textbook discusses engineering principles relating to air pollution and greenhouse gases (GHGs); it focuses on engineering principles and designs of related devices and equipment for air emission control for a variety of industries such as energy, chemical, and transportation industries. The book aims primarily at senior undergradua...[Read More]

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The China Study The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health

Published in: Google Books > Health & Fitness > Environment care | Published on 21/Dec/2020 07:11

417 pages , BenBella Books , 2006
A guide that cuts through the haze of misinformation and delivers an insightful message to anyone living with or at risk from the following: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer's disease and /or osteoporosis. Dr Campbell illuminates the connection between nutrition and these often fatal diseases and reveals the natural hu...[Read More]

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Important Scheme - 12 | Ministry of New & Renewable Energy | Ministry of Panchayati raj

Published in: youtube > OnlyIas > renewable energy | Published on 02/Mar/2020 12:10

Join the Sociology Optional Course at Join the Political science and Mains Booster Course at Download the PDF ...

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Becoming Animal , David Abram

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Nonfiction,Philosophy > Environmental protection | Published on 08/Sep/2019 17:43

David Abram's first book, The Spell of the Sensuous has become a classic of environmental literature. Now he returns with a startling exploration of our human entanglement with the rest of nature.
As the climate veers toward catastrophe, the innumerable losses cascading through the biosphere make vividly evident the need for a metamorph...[Read More]

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Waste to Wealth : Recycled plastic paving stone

Published in: youtube > New China TV > recycling | Published on 18/Jun/2019 04:51

In many countries, pollution of the environment by waste plastic bags becomesa great concern, Cameroon is no exception. But one Cameroonian man is ...

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The Secret Wisdom of Nature , Peter Wohlleben & Jane Billinghurst

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Nature,Life Sciences > Sustainability | Published on 23/Apr/2019 11:06


"As you read these pages you will understand why I so admire [Peter Wohlleben] and am so in love with his work."

Nature is full of surprises: deciduous trees affect the rotation of the Earth, cranes sabotage the production of Iberian ham, and coniferou...[Read More]

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Body Ecology Living with Donna Gates , Body Ecology Living with Donna Gates

Published in: itune > Health,Health,Podcasts,Alternative Health > green energy | Published on 15/Oct/2018 17:19

2018-10-04T03:59:00Z USA

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What is Ecology?

Published in: youtube > Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation > Ecology | Published on 09/Aug/2018 05:35

Ecology explores living things, plus the way they interact with one another, and their physical surroundings. A coral reef is a very special type of home, it provides nourishment and shelter...

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