NEMO |. Raise the Stakes on Global Warming

Published in: youtube > NEMO Equipment > global warming | Published on 24/Sep/2018 23:59

At NEMO, we've got all hands on deck to reverse global warming. We're starting to see the impacts of rising temperatures, from more extreme storms to ...

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Published in: wikipedia > english > Scavenger | Published on 14/Jul/2018 17:45

Scavenging is both a carnivorous and a herbivorous feeding behavior in which the scavenger feeds on dead animal and plant material present in its habitat. The eating of carrion from the same species is referred to as cannibalism. Scavengers play an important role in the ecosystem by consuming the dead animal and plant material. Decomposers and detritivores complete this process, by consuming the r...[Read More]

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The Negative Green Energy Band

Published in: youtube > TheVesicaInstitute > green energy | Published on 09/Jul/2018 06:10 presents: A clip from our BioGeometry Continuing Education Online Course. Here Dr. Gilbert gives an overview of the Negative Green Energy Band and the French scientists who...

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Ecocatalysis (Enhanced Edition) , Claude Grison, Vincent Escande & Jacques Biton

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Chemistry,Ecology,Environment,Life Sciences > pollution | Published on 03/Jul/2018 17:52

Reconquest of biodiversity; remediation of degraded and anthropic areas, prevention of environmental health risks; eco-innovation; Green industry ... The current French ambitions are closely related to an interdisciplinary approach to scientific ecology, all of which participate in the expected industrial renewal.

explores the unusual ...[Read More]

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Carbon Dioxide And Global Warming - How Do We Know?

Published in: youtube > National Science Foundation > global warming | Published on 17/Jun/2018 14:05

What does carbon dioxide have to do with global warming?

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Environmental Management 1994

Published in: Google Books > > environmental management | Published on 06/Jun/2018 20:55

99 pages , DIANE Publishing , 2003-12-01
Describes the Dept. of Energy's (DoE) 1994 Environmental Management program and provides a closer look at what the program is doing across the country, organized by region to help the reader identify and locate the sites of greater interest. Within each region, detailed discussions of the largest sites are followed by site summari...[Read More]

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Environmental Sustainability

Published in: youtube > Talenthouse Campaigns > environmental sustainability | Published on 22/May/2018 10:24

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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LAUNCH Systems, Day 1 Intro - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Bob Perciasepe

Published in: youtube > > Environmental protection | Published on 10/May/2018 00:46

LAUNCH identifies and supports ground-breaking, often disruptive innovations that show promise in creating a sustainable future. LAUNCH will change our world. Appointed by President Obama...

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Ecological Babies

Published in: facebook > page > environmental sustainability | Published on 27/Apr/2018 07:18

Most of our natural parenting products are an investment which will ultimately help you save money, raise a healthier family and keep our planet happier.

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Membrane Technology and Environmental Applications

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental engineering | Published on 21/Apr/2018 21:23

754 pages , ASCE Publications , 2012-06-01
Sponsored by the Membrane Technology Task Committee of the Environmental Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE. Membrane Technology and Environmental Applications explains the use of membrane materials as a direct, effective, and sustainable way to address environmental problems. Membranes are a core...[Read More]

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Hot container composting

Published in: wikipedia > english > Hot container composting | Published on 27/Mar/2018 08:20

Hot container composting (also referred to as in-vessel composting for larger industrial batches) is different to cold composting, in that compost is created without losing valuable heat. Heat loss is the reason why a compost pile takes so long to decompose. Observers have noted that the time taken to create compost can be dramatically reduced by retaining the heat in a suitably insulated containe...[Read More]

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Environmental Problems

Published in: youtube > Yarelli Almendares > environmental issues | Published on 27/Mar/2018 07:52

This video shows serious environmental problems that we are facing nowadays. We did this video with the purpose of making conscious when see it, because it is important that we take accions...

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