Environmental issues concerning india and the world | latest Environmental issues 2019

Published in: youtube > Railway Competition Support > environmental issues | Published on 12/Oct/2020 19:24

Environmental issues concerning india and the world | latest Environmental issues 2019.

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Environment Protection Act 1986 in Hindi

Published in: youtube > GG?GAMING YT > Environmental protection | Published on 08/Sep/2019 13:43

About this video: This video is related to education. we know that education is very important to our life .Education is the Base of of Our life. If you want to know ...

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Orchid Care (in a Dry Environment)

Published in: youtube > Gardening AZ > Environment care | Published on 13/Aug/2019 09:57

How I care for my orchid in dry Arizona in a very sunny apartment.

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Environmental education and training

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental education | Published on 10/Jun/2019 17:26

127 pages , Avebury , 1998-02

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Electricity and Alternative Energies - Alberta Energy Resources Heritage

Published in: youtube > YourAlberta > alternative power | Published on 13/May/2019 17:55

A brief introduction to the history of electricity and alternative energies in Alberta - a big part of Alberta's energy resources heritage.

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School Food Waste Recycling

Published in: youtube > Ramsey County > recycling | Published on 31/Jul/2018 19:00

Ramsey/Washington County Resource Recovery Project and the St. Paul Public Schools Communications Office produced this video on a food recycling program in St. Paul schools and its effects...

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Planning and Environmental Protection A Review of Law and Policy

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Environmental protection | Published on 17/Jul/2018 13:09

258 pages , Hart Publishing , 2001
This collection of essays examines the roles which land use planning can play in the protection of the environment. The subjects covered range from traditional concerns like pollution, nuisance and contaminated land to biodiversity and the pursuit of sustainable development, which forms the defining element of current environmental poli...[Read More]

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Masdar Sustainable City Project

Published in: youtube > RealClimateNews > Sustainability | Published on 19/Jun/2018 03:48

Report into sustainable living and the modern city Masdar in Abu Dhabi with new technologies and ideas for more comfortable cooler cities and homes.

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Ocean Pollution Effects on Living Resources and Humans

Published in: Google Books > Science > pollution | Published on 02/Jun/2018 10:00

304 pages , CRC Press , 1995-11-21
Ocean Pollution provides a unique look at the effects of estuarine and coastal pollution on resource species. One of the primary objectives of the book is to provide an accurate assessment of the state of the inshore marine environment and its inhabitants. Coastal habitat degradation is discussed, and principal findings from modeling an...[Read More]

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The Recycling and Disposal of Solid Waste Proceedings of a Course Organised by the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Nottingham, 1st - 5th April, 1974

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > recycling | Published on 30/Apr/2018 16:20

192 pages , Elsevier , 2013-09-11
The Recycling and Disposal of Solid Waste contains the proceedings of a course held at The University of Nottingham on April 1-5, 1974. This book contains 16 papers separated as chapters. Topics include economic potential of waste recycling; bulk reduction by incineration, hydrolysis and pyrolysis; organic wastes; glass recycling; legal ...[Read More]

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I care about the environment!

Published in: youtube > Pina Sylvestria > Environment care | Published on 28/Apr/2018 11:06

Awareness and interest in environment and nature regarding tourism in Ada Foah, Ghana.

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Negev Ecology - נגב אקולוגיה

Published in: facebook > page > environmental sustainability | Published on 26/Mar/2018 13:17

חברת " נגב אקולוגיה" עוסקת בפיתוח וביישום פתרונות לשימור ולשיפור איכות הסביבה באמצעות מיחזור וטיפול ב×...[Read More]

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