Ecological Risk Assessment for Chlorpyrifos in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in the United States

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental education | Published on 15/Aug/2018 10:42

269 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2014-04-10
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology attempts to provide concise, critical reviews of timely advances, philosophy and significant areas of accomplished or needed endeavor in the total field of xenobiotics, in any segment of the environment, as well as toxicological implications.

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Environmental Science Song

Published in: youtube > backwordsboyz > environmental science | Published on 13/Jul/2018 10:14

A Environmental Science Song about water sheds and polution!

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Introduction to Environmental Management For the NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental management | Published on 15/Jun/2018 20:01

196 pages , 2013
This is the definitive handbook for the NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management, with each element of the syllabus explained in detail, and all relevant legislation summarised for quick reference. Includes sample NEBOSH questions and case studies to aid learning Up to date and aligned with the revised specification Over 100 images, tables and dia...[Read More]

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Natural farming

Published in: wikipedia > english > Natural farming | Published on 15/Jun/2018 08:55

Natural farming is an ecological farming approach established by Masanobu Fukuoka (1913–2008), a Japanese farmer and philosopher, introduced in his 1975 book The One-Straw Revolution. Fukuoka described his way of farming as 自然農法 (shizen nōhō) in Japanese. It is also referred to as "the Fukuoka Method", "the natural way of farming" or "do-nothing farming". The ti...[Read More]

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BSc Environmental Sciences Case Study - Paul Carey

Published in: youtube > UniNorthampton > environmental science | Published on 13/Jun/2018 02:59

Paul Carey, BSc Environmental Sciences graduate, talks about The University of Northampton, his experiences as a student, and how his course prepared him for his career.

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Carbon Sequestration in Forest Ecosystems

Published in: Google Books > Science > Earth biosphere | Published on 14/May/2018 20:06

279 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2009-11-25
Carbon Sequestration in Forest Ecosystems is a comprehensive book describing the basic processes of carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems, their contribution to carbon sequestration and implications for mitigating abrupt climate change. This book provides the information on processes, factors and causes influencin...[Read More]

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Cool Cities Urban Sovereignty and the Fix for Global Warming

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > global warming | Published on 09/May/2018 14:59

224 pages , Yale University Press , 2017-04-24
A pointed argument that cities—not nation-states—can and must take the lead in fighting climate change Climate change is the most urgent challenge we face in an interdependent world where independent nations have grown increasingly unable to cooperate effectively on sustainability. In this book, renowned politi...[Read More]

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Tackling Diffuse Water Pollution in England Environment Agency

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > pollution | Published on 28/Apr/2018 19:43

35 pages , The Stationery Office , 2010-07-08
The annual expenditure of £8 million of the Environment Agency on tackling diffuse water pollution of has, to date, had little impact. Looking forward, the development of River Basin Management Plans now offers an opportunity to target work by the Agency and others to improve water quality and tackle this complex problem. ...[Read More]

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Bill Giles Health Ecology

Published in: facebook > page > environmental sustainability | Published on 06/Apr/2018 19:07

Bill Giles Health Ecology offers a holistic, personalised approach to overcoming chronic and acute health problems. We identify and treat the root causes of ill-health, not just the symptoms. We work closely with you to rebuild your immune system and teach individual lifestyle skills for achieving excellent health and wellbeing.

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Integral Ecology Uniting Multiple Perspectives on the Natural World

Published in: Google Books > Nature > ecology for kids | Published on 23/Mar/2018 03:08

796 pages , Shambhala Publications , 2009
Percy is incredibly accident-prone, and holds the dubious record of the most accidents. Percy has had a small rivalary with Harold, however, they are always willing to help each other when in trouble.

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Dark Ecology For a Logic of Future Coexistence

Published in: Google Books > Human beings > Ecology | Published on 20/Mar/2018 11:58

208 pages , 2016-04-01
Timothy Morton argues that ecological awareness in the present Anthropocene era takes the form of a strange loop or M?bius strip, twisted to have only one side. Dark ecology puts us in an uncanny position of radical self-knowledge, illuminating our place in the biosphere and our belonging to a species in a sense that is far less obvious than we like to thi...[Read More]

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Garry Peterson: A biosphere-based sustainability science

Published in: youtube > Stockholm Resilience Centre TV > Earth biosphere | Published on 14/Mar/2018 15:16

Key note presentation during the 2015 PECS conference. Read more here:

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