Ecology for Nonecologists

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 24/Mar/2020 00:02

349 pages , Rowman & Littlefield , 2008
Written for anyone who works with chemicals or has a general interest in ecology, this book examines the interrelationship of life forms in our environment and provides straightforward explanations about the complicated interactions among nature and humans. Emphasizing basic concepts, definitions, and descriptions, the author prese...[Read More]

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Environmental Sustainability

Published in: youtube > BobcatUpdate > environmental sustainability | Published on 20/Jan/2020 22:45

Texas State and the San Marcos community have been making an ongoing effort to go green. Clair Hugo tells us more in this Bobcat Update.

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Green Witness , Laura Ruth Yordy

Published in: itune > Religion & Spirituality,Books > Environment care | Published on 29/Jan/2019 10:02

Green Witness is a work in theological ethics, addressed primarily to theologians and seminarians, but also to clergy and church study groups. Yordy approaches the topic of Christian environmental work not from the perspective of a global crisis that must be solved, but from the perspective of God's promise of the Kingdom. She argues that Christians can and s...[Read More]

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TRIBZ.BIO SEED School of Eco-symbiotic Cultivation & Technology (SEED-SECT)

Published in: facebook > group > environmental science | Published on 15/Aug/2018 07:35

The Sustainability Education Engineering & Development School for Eco-symbiotic Cultivation & Technology (SEED-SECT) is an international school & cooperative extension of Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize-TRIBZ.BIO. SEED-SECT's primary objective is the raising of future world leaders who are culturally engineered to advance Eco-symbiotic cultivation, technology & relevant outputs that for...[Read More]

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Power Shift

Published in: wikipedia > english > Power Shift | Published on 21/Jul/2018 22:50

Power Shift is an annual youth summit which has been held in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Other Power Shift Conferences are also being organised by members of the International Youth Climate Movement including Africa, Japan and India. The focus of the events is on climate change policy.

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The sustainable wardrobe: wood-based fabric selection.

Published in: youtube > Daria Andronescu > Sustainability | Published on 15/Jul/2018 03:33

Having a sustainable wardrobe is no easy feat. Today we will look into the wood-based fabrics, understand how they are made and how they impact the quality of our clothes as well as the environment...

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Renewable Energy Made Easy Free Energy from Solar, Wind, Hydropower, and Other Alternative Energy Sources

Published in: Google Books > House & Home > renewable energy | Published on 06/Jun/2018 07:30

287 pages , Atlantic Publishing Company , 2008
"Craddock, a journalist, outlines how to use alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, and hydropower. He discusses their pros and cons, how they work and what makes them efficient, and areas where they need improvement. He also describes several case studies of their use, with instructions ...[Read More]

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Population viability analysis

Published in: wikipedia > english > Population viability analysis | Published on 28/May/2018 11:52

Population viability analysis (PVA) is a species-specific method of risk assessment frequently used in conservation biology. It is traditionally defined as the process that determines the probability that a population will go extinct within a given number of years. More recently, PVA has been described as a marriage of ecology and statistics that brings together species characteristics and environ...[Read More]

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Ration Rice Recycling | Telangana Civil Supplies Dept Issues Notices To Millers | V6 News

Published in: youtube > V6 News Telugu > recycling | Published on 26/May/2018 06:52

Ration Rice Recycling - Telangana Civil Supplies Dept Issues Notices To Millers. V6 IOS App â–» Download V6 Android App â–» Subscribe Youtube at...

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Published in: youtube > The Audiopedia > Environment care | Published on 03/Apr/2018 16:07


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Hydrological Problems and Environmental Management in Highlands and Headwaters

Published in: Google Books > Law > environmental management | Published on 01/Apr/2018 23:17

208 pages , CRC Press , 1996-01-01
This set of papers presents a description of the synthesis of hydrological problems and various environmental implications and management strategies for different highland and headwater regions of the world. Regions covered include the Himalayas, Russian mountains, Amazonia, and upland Wales.

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Ecological Microcosms

Published in: Google Books > Science > Earth biosphere | Published on 31/Mar/2018 07:39

557 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2012-12-06
Ecological Microcosms is a seminal work which reviews the expanding field of enclosed ecosystem research, and relates the results and models of microcosm studies to general concepts in ecology. Microcosms are miniaturized pieces of our biosphere, ranging from streams and lakes to terraria, agroecosystems, and was...[Read More]

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