Wastewater Treatment Engineering

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental engineering | Published on 18/Apr/2021 19:17

212 pages , BoD – Books on Demand , 2015-10-14
This book provides useful information about bioremediation, phytoremediation, and mycoremediation of wastewater and some aspects of the chemical wastewater treatment processes, including ion exchange, neutralization, adsorption, and disinfection. Additionally, this book elucidates and illustrates the wastewater treatment p...[Read More]

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Speech on environmental protection Eco Police in India Stephy Baby - Prize Winning Speech.

Published in: youtube > Stephy Baby > Environmental protection | Published on 18/Jan/2021 10:36

Eco Policing can be initiated in India to bring about a change to the face of environmental protection. A speech by Stephy Baby at Kerala Police Academy, ...

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Recycling fun!.

Published in: Google Books > > recycling | Published on 18/Jan/2021 09:02

Peppa and George are learning all about recycling, so they pay Miss Rabbit a visit. She loves to recycle everything... even cars!

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Civil & Environmental Engineering at SDState | What Do Civil Engineers Do?

Published in: youtube > SouthDakotaState > environmental engineering | Published on 19/Aug/2019 17:04

Civil engineers are custodians of the built environment. They plan, design, construct, and maintain facilities that propel modern civilization. This includes bridges ...

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Domesticados , Alice Roberts

Published in: itune > Pets,Books,Lifestyle & Home,Science & Nature,Ecology,Nonfiction,Social Science > renewable energy | Published on 22/Jul/2019 05:21

Durante cientos de a?os, los humanos han dependido de las plantas y los animales salvajes para sobrevivir. Pero en alg?n momento ocurri? una aut?ntica revoluci?n: nuestros antepasados empezaron a relacionarse con otras especies, a domesticarlas, y entonces todo cambi?, la poblaci?n humana se dispar? y dio comienzo lo que hoy consideramos civilizaci?n. Siguiendo la e...[Read More]

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The GEO Handbook on Biodiversity Observation Networks , Michele Walters & Robert J. Scholes

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Self-Development,Psychology,Nature > pollution | Published on 25/Jun/2019 00:56

Biodiversity observation systems are almost everywhere inadequate to meet local, national and international (treaty) obligations. As a result of alarmingly rapid declines in biodiversity in the modern era, there is a strong, worldwide desire to upgrade our monitoring systems, but little clarity on what is actually needed and how it can be assembled from the elements...[Read More]

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Amazing Aluminum Recycling Process At Home And Casting Aluminum Melting With Sand Mold

Published in: youtube > Good Machine > recycling | Published on 17/Jun/2019 22:05

Amazing Aluminum Recycling Process At Home And Casting Aluminum Melting With Sand Mold Hi!!.This Channel is About: Modern Machine in The World ...

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The History of Life on Earth - Crash Course Ecology #1

Published in: youtube > CrashCourse > ecology for kids | Published on 06/Nov/2018 07:11

With a solid understanding of biology on the small scale under our belts, it's time for the long view - for the next twelve weeks, we'll be learning how the living ...

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KASÖ feat Désiré FRANCOIS - POLLUTION (clip officiel 2017)

Published in: youtube > Kasö TV > pollution | Published on 17/Aug/2018 09:48

la plus grande des menaces : La Pollution qui détruit notre planète. La légende Mauricienne Désiré FRANCOIS (pour la première fois sur un riddim reggae !! et KASÖ la star montante du...

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Geochemistry and the Biosphere , Academician Vladimir Vernadsky PhD & Frank B. Salisbury PhD

Published in: itune > Chemistry,Books,Science & Nature,Physics,Life Sciences,Earth Sciences,Environment,Nature,Ecology > Environment care | Published on 12/Aug/2018 00:57

The classic works by the renowned Russian scientist who published the first edition of The Biosphere in 1926. This unabridged translation is made from the 1944 edition and translated from the Russian alongside his other most important book Essays on Geochemistry. In these two volumes, Vernadsky details humanity's impact on the living systems of the pla...[Read More]

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Prof. David Newby - Air Pollution and Heart Attacks

Published in: youtube > The University of Edinburgh > pollution | Published on 05/Aug/2018 11:29

Professor David Newby, Director of the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, presents the second lecture in the 2014 Our Changing World series, entitled "Air Pollution and Heart Attacks". ...

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Hong Kong Green Drinks

Published in: facebook > group > environmental management | Published on 30/Jul/2018 06:21

Hong Kong Green Drinks Where environmentally and socially conscious people come to meet! This page helps to continue the conversation outside of the events. It is NOT A PLACE TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. Green Drinks is an informal monthly opportunity for anyone interested in CSR, social / environmental justice issues, sustainable development etc. to meet, chat, and network. It is he...[Read More]

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