Who is Scott Pruitt? – Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency | NowThis

Published in: youtube > NowThis News > Environmental protection | Published on 10/Sep/2018 11:19

Here's how Scott Pruitt went from suing the EPA 14 times to running the agency – Narrated by Sasheer Zamata. » Subscribe to NowThis: ...

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Global Warming (School Project)

Published in: youtube > shinjanator > global warming | Published on 15/Aug/2018 23:44

"Draw My Life" style video about global warming by Jaclyn and Tiffany. This was an SSL school project for my NSL (government) class. Citation Links: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archiv...

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The Wander Society

Published in: Google Books > Self-Help > environmental education | Published on 29/Jul/2018 12:51

224 pages , Penguin , 2016-03-29
From the internationally bestselling creator of Wreck This Journal... wan·der verb ˈwän-dər to walk/explore/amble in an unplanned or aimless way with a complete openness to the unknown Several years ago when Keri Smith, bestselling author of Wreck This Journal, discovered cryptic handwritten notations in a worn copy of Walt W...[Read More]

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DNA bank

Published in: wikipedia > english > DNA bank | Published on 20/Jul/2018 22:08

DNA banking is the secure, long term storage of an individual’s genetic material. DNA is most commonly extracted from blood, but can also be obtained from saliva and other tissues. DNA banks allow for conservation of genetic material and comparative analysis of an individual's genetic information. Analyzing an individual's DNA can allow scientists to predict genetic disorders, as used in pr...[Read More]

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Trends in environmental education

Published in: Google Books > Nature > environmental education | Published on 14/Jul/2018 16:52

244 pages , Unipub , 1977

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Soil Science Sustainable Production and Environmental Protection

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > Environmental protection | Published on 21/Jun/2018 13:21

304 pages , Oxford University Press, USA , 1996
Soil is one of New Zealand's greatest resources. This new edition of this well-established book introduces the basic soil science theory which is essential for the proper use and maintenance of this resource. it places greater emphasis on sustainable production and environmental protection and incorporates the new soil clas...[Read More]

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Applied Geomorphology for Mitigation of Natural Hazards

Published in: Google Books > Science > Earth biosphere | Published on 13/Jun/2018 21:43

179 pages , Springer , 2013-12-21
There are many natural hazards such as floods, landslides, volcanoes and earthquakes in the Asia-Pacific Region. Nevertheless, there are few studies of such natural hazards in this region and knowledge about their mitigation is of the utmost importance. This book documents the use of geomorphological maps showing the state of flooding; t...[Read More]

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Published in: youtube > SRBCTSERBIA > Environmental protection | Published on 02/May/2018 15:06

SRB-CT KAPPAX, a novelty on our market, is an innovative product placed in the floor coverings. It is a unique floor ventilation system beneath the removable flloor tiles. The major benefits...

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The Woman Who Smashed Codes A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine Who Outwitted America's Enemies

Published in: Google Books > History > ecology for kids | Published on 19/Apr/2018 17:13

464 pages , HarperCollins , 2017-09-26
NATIONAL BESTSELLER NPR Best Book of 2017 “Not all superheroes wear capes, and Elizebeth Smith Friedman should be the subject of a future Wonder Woman movie.” — The New York Times Joining the ranks of Hidden Figures and In the Garden of Beasts, the incredible true story of the greatest codebreaking duo that ever l...[Read More]

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Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Vorticity-Based Methods Fundamentals and Recent Applications

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental sustainability | Published on 03/Apr/2018 18:38

646 pages , Springer , 2017-05-08
The book introduces the fundamentals of fluid-mechanics, momentum theories, vortex theories and vortex methods necessary for the study of rotors aerodynamics and wind-turbines aerodynamics in particular. Rotor theories are presented in a great level of details at the beginning of the book. These theories include: the blade element theory...[Read More]

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Sindh Soil Science Foundation

Published in: facebook > group > Environmental protection | Published on 22/Mar/2018 11:20

A group of Soil Scientists from around the globe sharing their experiences and knowledge about soil science and related fields.

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Ecology: Niches in the Savannah Ecosystem | Biology for All | FuseSchool

Published in: youtube > FuseSchool - Global Education > Ecology | Published on 13/Mar/2018 07:07

We've learned about niches in the 'what is a niche' video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIVixvcR4Jc. Now here's an example of the different niches in the savannah ecosystem. SUBSCRIBE...

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