Richard Lindzen: How Real Of A Threat Is Global Warming?

Published in: youtube > Notes For Space Cadets > global warming | Published on 03/Dec/2018 16:38

Join the conversation on the Notes for Space Cadets Discord Server: Support the channel on Patreon: ...

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PIELC 2014: The False Solutions of Green Energy - Wilbert & Foley

Published in: youtube > DeepGreenResistance > green energy | Published on 16/Aug/2018 21:45

Max Wilbert & Cameron Foley expose the fallacies of "green" technology by tracing the process of industrial production for these technologies and exposing the destruction they cause. Powerpoint...

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Published in: wikipedia > english > WildTeam | Published on 02/Aug/2018 22:49

WildTeam is an international conservation organisation which began in 2003 as The Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (a registered Bangladesh non-profit organisation) and the Sundarbans tiger project. The Sundarbans Tiger project started out as a Bangladesh Forest Department and University of Minnesota research initiative; focusing on the ecology and conservation of tigers in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. ...[Read More]

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(English) Stubble Burning in India - Issues and Organic Solutions for Agriculture pollution

Published in: youtube > Study IQ education > environmental education | Published on 30/Jul/2018 17:52

UPSC or SSC or IBPS or RBI or Any Other Govt. Exam, We got them all covered. Beat the Competition with our Pendrive Courses/Online Coaching. Book Now - Free Video Courses...

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Environment and Ecology - Comprehensive Topic List For UPSC CSE/IAS 2018 2019 Aspirants

Published in: youtube > Unacademy > Ecology | Published on 15/Jul/2018 12:28

You can find the entire course here: Environment and Ecology - Comprehensive Topic List For UPSC CSE/IAS 2018 2019 Aspirants In this lesson, Vimal will be guiding aspirants...

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Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the Eu and the Us A Reader

Published in: Google Books > > green energy | Published on 14/Jul/2018 10:46

224 pages , 2016-07-01
Leading experts addresses the effectiveness of policy delivery in energy and the environment International experts from a range of disciplines, including the sciences, law, politics, economics and engineering, examine how best to achieve energy policy objectives. From evaluating policy delivery on wind farms in Texas in the US to developing nuclear power i...[Read More]

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The Agrarian Vision Sustainability and Environmental Ethics

Published in: Google Books > Nature > Sustainability | Published on 02/Jul/2018 09:24

336 pages , University Press of Kentucky , 2010-07-30
As industry and technology proliferate in modern society, sustainability has jumped to the forefront of contemporary political and environmental discussions. The balance between progress and the earth’s ability to provide for its inhabitants grows increasingly precarious as we attempt to achieve sustainable dev...[Read More]

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MVCC Ecology & Field Biology Marine Bio BIO 220 Belize June 2011

Published in: youtube > ProfessorZurawski > ecology for kid | Published on 12/Jun/2018 11:44

Study on a Coral Reef in Belize This field biology course, emphasizing marine biology, offered by Moraine Valley Community College takes you on an adventure as you travel to Belize, an exotic...

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Hierarchy Persistence and Transformation in Social Formations

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > alternative power | Published on 09/Jun/2018 01:38

336 pages , Berghahn Books , 2013-01-15
Louis Dumont's concept of hierarchy continues to inspire social scientists. Using it as their starting point, the contributors to this volume introduce both fresh empirical material and new theoretical considerations. On the basis of diverse ethnographic contexts in Oceania, Asia, and the Middle East they challenge some current con...[Read More]

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Union of Concerned Scientists

Published in: wikipedia > english > Union of Concerned Scientists | Published on 02/Jun/2018 07:41

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a nonprofit science advocacy organization based in the United States. The UCS membership includes many private citizens in addition to professional scientists. Anne Kapuscinski, Sherman Fairchild distinguished professor of sustainability science in the Environmental Studies Program at Dartmouth College, currently chairs the UCS Board of Directors, having ...[Read More]

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Wetlands Ecology/Management 00001 - Spring 2009 , Instructor: Gray, Matt

Published in: itune > Science & Medicine,Science & Medicine,Podcasts > Sustainability | Published on 27/May/2018 17:51

2009-03-07T21:29:00Z USA

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What is Sustainability? | Mocomi Kids

Published in: youtube > MocomiKids > ecology for kid | Published on 07/May/2018 08:00 presents: What is Sustainability? An informative video on Sustainability, For humans, sustainability is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which has...

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