Statistics for Ecologists Using R and Excel , Mark Gardener

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Mathematics,Computers & Internet,Life Sciences,Software > pollution | Published on 24/Jun/2019 13:39

This is a book about the scientific process and how you apply it to data in ecology. You will learn how to plan for data collection, how to assemble data, how to analyze data and finally how to present the results. The book uses Microsoft Excel and the powerful Open Source R program to carry out data handling as well as producing graphs.

Statistical appro...[Read More]

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Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution

Published in: youtube > Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) > green energy | Published on 10/Jun/2019 20:41

Germany Trade & Invest presents its short film about Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution, the so called Energiewende (energy transition). Voices from ...

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Ecology The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance

Published in: Google Books > Aspect biologique - Biogéographie - Écologie - Population > Ecology | Published on 16/Apr/2019 02:01

801 pages , HarperCollins Publishers , 1994
Now in its fourth edition, this text continues to present ecology as a series of problems for students to analyze critically. The author emphasizes the role of experiments in testing ecological ideas, discusses many contemporary, controversial problems, and explains all mathematical concepts of ecology and reinforces concepts w...[Read More]

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Mathis Wackernagel: The Ecological Footprint

Published in: youtube > Global Oneness Project > Ecology | Published on 16/Aug/2018 09:30

Mathis Wackernagel, co-creator of the Ecological Footprint, describes how this tool lets us calculate the amount of natural resources necessary to support our collective expenditure. Pointing...

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Delhi ke pollution ka solution l DRAMA 4 YOU Entertainment l comedy

Published in: youtube > DRAMA 4 YOU Entertainment > pollution | Published on 14/Aug/2018 16:42

Please watch: "Who Says Girls Are Decent.....l Drama 4 you Entertainment l comedy" --~-- Friends, subscribe to our channel for the first time to...

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How Can we Promote Economic Growth and prosperity with Environmental Sustainability?

Published in: youtube > Global Festival of Action 4Sustainable Development > environmental sustainability | Published on 03/Aug/2018 04:03

Moderator: Nadira Hira, Public Speaker In conversation: Kumi Naidoo, Launch Director, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity Follow:

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Rewilding (Rewild Yourself)

Published in: facebook > group > environmental engineering | Published on 17/May/2018 02:47

Rewilding means to return to a more wild or natural state; it is the process of undoing domestication. The term emerged from the green anarchism and anarcho-primitivism political theories, in which humans are believed to be "civilized" or "domesticated" by industrial and agricultural progress. Rewilding is about dismantling the culture of human domestication and returning to the lifeways of pre-a...[Read More]

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Beetle GT3 Nurburgring GT Sport PS4 Pro LIVE

Published in: youtube > UW > environmental science | Published on 16/May/2018 18:43

HELLO GUYS , WELCOME TO UNREAL WORLD Here you can find more videos about nature, science, games, technology, natural and environmental disasters, cars, motorcycles, aliens, and more, is...

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Ecology and Socialism , Chris Williams

Published in: itune > Social Science,Books,Nonfiction,Politics & Current Events > Sustainability | Published on 15/May/2018 04:44

Around the world, consciousness of the threat to our environment is growing. The majority of solutions on offer, from using efficient light bulbs to biking to work, focus on individual lifestyle changes, yet the scale of the crisis requires far deeper adjustments. Ecology and Socialism argues that time still remains to save humanity and the planet, but only b...[Read More]

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Cloak of Green The Links Between Key Environmental Groups, Government and Big Business

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Environmental protection | Published on 09/Apr/2018 10:13

498 pages , James Lorimer & Company , 1995-01-01
Acknowledgements List of Acronyms Part I 1. Green Dreams (Red Flags) 2. The Handmade Jungle 3. Plane Dollars and Sense 4. A Sierra Club Soiree 5. Enter Brascan 6. An Activist's Progress 7. Cultural Survival 8. Green Grease Part 11 9. Deja Vu 10. The Agenda 11. The Body Shop 12. Flying Down to Rio 13. A Trip to No Man's...[Read More]

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Landscape-scale conservation

Published in: wikipedia > english > Landscape-scale conservation | Published on 07/Apr/2018 21:26

Landscape-scale conservation is a holistic approach to conservation, concerned with biodiversity and local economies, agriculture, eco-tourism, geodiversity and the health and social benefits of the environment. Landscape-scale conservation has arisen in response to the challenges of climate change and a perceived excessive focus on site based conservation.

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Awareness Environmental Education -X

Published in: Google Books > Education > environmental education | Published on 25/Mar/2018 01:57

S. Chand Publishing
Awareness Environmental

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