Telugu - Indian Constitution part 2 భారతీయ రాజ్యాంగం - Polity - Laxmikanth NCERT UPSC/APPSC/TSPSC

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UPSC or SSC or IBPS or RBI or Any Other Govt. Exam, We got them all covered. Beat the Competition with our Pendrive Courses/Online Coaching. Book Now - Free Video Courses...

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A Dialogue in the City of Niyod

Published in: Google Books > > Environment care | Published on 06/Aug/2018 14:10

128 pages , , 2011-01
A remarkable account of a journey to a 'land of enlightenment' called Niyod. The book engenders a different mind-set, and a paradigm shift from the usual status-quo. A piece of work that bridges the gap between the conscious and the subconscious, the mundane and the sublime, a book that set you thinking right from the depth of your being ra...[Read More]

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Ecology in the Age of Aesthetics

Published in: facebook > group > Environment care | Published on 09/Jul/2018 21:34

Despite thousands of years of accumulated knowledge in the natural sciences and the genesis of ecological understanding toward the end of the 19th century a distinct rift remains between the human species and the rest of the natural environment. In many respects a division which is growing. Feeding off of itself as elements of our surroundings that show no obvious and immediate benefit are pushed ...[Read More]

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Northwestern Sustainability Plan

Published in: youtube > Geordan Tilley > Sustainability | Published on 22/May/2018 11:31

Northwestern University and the City of Evanston work together on a new 5-year sustainability plan released by the university.

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Environmental Education 2014 - Official Main Trailer [HD]

Published in: youtube > ASYOUSED NGO > environmental education | Published on 18/May/2018 02:14

Official Trailer about the three movies: "TRASH TO TREASURE", "WATER AND SANITATION" and "MY ENVIRONMENT MY HEALTH" which were produced by ASYOUSED and the ASA participants 2013/2014 in Limbe...

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WTF: Sustainable Living

Published in: youtube > The Positivity Project > Sustainability | Published on 17/May/2018 12:48

Sustainable Living @ Sachamama, Northern Rivers, NSW. Ft Caitlyn Priday. WTF is it?! Sustainable living, takes it back to the basics, allowing the humans to be more at one with nature and...

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Friends of The Lake Chad

Published in: facebook > group > Environmental protection | Published on 08/May/2018 21:00

This is an enviromental advocacy group aimed at educating and sensitizing the international community about the fast evaporation of the Lake Chad as a body of fresh water, consequence of global warming and human activity. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to protect and preserve our environment and if necessary, to alter it positively. "Sustainable development" can only be possible if delige...[Read More]

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Indigenous Environmental Science / Studies

Published in: youtube > Trent University > environmental science | Published on 08/May/2018 19:34

2017, Trent University - Indigenous Studies. This video contains information on the Indigenous Environmental Science / Studies program at Trent University. For more information, please visit:...

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Ecological Literacy Education and the Transition to a Postmodern World

Published in: Google Books > Education > environmental education | Published on 25/Apr/2018 02:50

210 pages , SUNY Press , 1992
The most important discoveries of the 20th century exist not in the realm of science, medicine, or technology, but rather in the dawning awareness of the earth’s limits and how those limits will affect human evolution. Humanity has reached a crossroad where various ecological catastrophes meet what some call sustainable development. W...[Read More]

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Multi-port Power Electronic Interface for Renewable Energy Sources

Published in: Google Books > Electric power production > green energy | Published on 26/Mar/2018 22:04

Energy intensive products and services are penetrating people's daily life as well as di erent sectors of industry during recent decades. Further e ort to improve e ciency, reduce green house gas and hazardous particle emission lead to the emergence of the "more electric" concept in several industries including transportation. This trend, however, burdens the aging power system and...[Read More]

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Field Sampling for Environmental Science and Management

Published in: Google Books > Law > environmental science | Published on 25/Mar/2018 18:12

192 pages , Routledge , 2013
Scientists and consultants need to estimate and map properties of the terrestrial environment. These include plant nutrients and parasites in soil, gaseous emissions from soil, pollutant metals and xenobiotics in waste and contaminated land, salt in groundwater and species abundances above ground. The scale varies from small experimental plot...[Read More]

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Renewable Energy - Facts and Fantasies

Published in: Google Books > Science > green energy | Published on 04/Mar/2018 15:45

324 pages , 2greenenergy , 2010-07
"Our civilization's ever-increasing hunger for energy-and its fixation on fossil fuels to provide that energy-is in the process of imploding on itself as our population grows and its demographics change. Yet we live in a world of tough realities, where an elegant solution simply does not exist." 2GreenEnergy founder Craig Shields provid...[Read More]

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