Environmental Management

Published in: Google Books > > environmental management | Published on 12/Aug/2018 16:22

258 pages , 2010
The deterioration of water quality in the coastal regions of Sundarban wetland is closely related to insufficiency to water resource protection, nonfunctioning of wastewater.

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IdeasLabs 2012 - Sandy Pentland - Sustainable Digital Ecology

Published in: youtube > World Economic Forum > Ecology | Published on 16/Jul/2018 08:04

http://www.weforum.org/ Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, MIT, gives us a key insight into the concept of Sustainable Digital Ecology.

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Earth rising ecological belief in an age of science

Published in: Google Books > Nature > Earth biosphere | Published on 12/Jul/2018 06:20

255 pages , Oregon State Univ Pr , 1989
An exploration of the ways in which the science of ecology has provided a basis for a contemporary worldview that combines an intuitive sense of wholeness with the validation of scientific truth.

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Ganga River Video: Extra Activity in Environment & Ecology course @LNMIIT

Published in: youtube > Nameless > ecology for kid | Published on 06/Jul/2018 17:02

A video showing the current condition of river Ganga. Hope you see and think something for the National River. See credits at the end of the video. .

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PowerBridge 200: Alternative power for self erecting cranes

Published in: youtube > altastream > alternative power | Published on 14/Jun/2018 14:50

This device was specifically designed to replace diesel engines that power self erecting cranes. The PowerBridge 200 will not require costly diesel fuel and regular maintenance and oil changes....

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Outdoor Air Pollution IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans

Published in: Google Books > Medical > pollution | Published on 10/Jun/2018 09:36

452 pages , 2016-07-05
This volume of the IARC Monographs series provides an evaluation of the carcinogenicity of outdoor air pollution. Outdoor air pollution is a complex mixture of pollutants originating from natural and anthropogenic sources, including transportation, power generation, industrial activity, biomass burning, and domestic heating and cooking. The mix of pollutan...[Read More]

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Impact of Meat Consumption on Health and Environmental Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Health & Fitness > environmental sustainability | Published on 06/Jun/2018 22:20

411 pages , IGI Global , 2015-10-19
Meat consumption impacts all aspects of human life and humanity?s long-term survival prospects. Despite this knowledge, society continues to ignore the negative impact of consuming meat, which include excessively high contributions to global greenhouse gas emissions, land and water pollution and depletion, antimicrobial resistance, and...[Read More]

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Environmental Sustainability at Work

Published in: youtube > ACHR News > environmental sustainability | Published on 01/Jun/2018 03:34

John Mandyck, Carrier vice president, Sustainability and Environmental Strategies, explains how and why efforts in sustainable product development are important to his company and to the industry....

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Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care Fifth Edition

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Environment care | Published on 16/May/2018 05:01

997 pages , Springer Publishing Company , 2013-08-21

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Bumblebees Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation

Published in: Google Books > Nature > ecology for kids | Published on 28/Apr/2018 06:54

317 pages , Oxford University Press on Demand , 2010
Bumblebees are familiar and charismatic insects, occurring throughout much of the world. They are increasingly being used as a model organism for studying a wide range of ecological and behavioural concepts, such as social organization, optimal foraging theories, host-parasite interactions, and pollination. Since the p...[Read More]

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Generate Bitcoin 0.02 - 0.5 BTC (Update 2018)

Published in: youtube > Bitcoin Ripple > ecology for kid | Published on 23/Apr/2018 09:44

http://www.bitcoingenerator.space = Generate Bitcoin Generate Bitcoin 0.02 - 0.5 BTC (Update 2018) Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero Ripple --------------------------- phate dudh se rasgulla...

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Dolphin drive hunting

Published in: wikipedia > english > Dolphin drive hunting | Published on 25/Mar/2018 14:30

Dolphin drive hunting, also called dolphin drive fishing, is a method of hunting dolphins and occasionally other small cetaceans by driving them together with boats and then usually into a bay or onto a beach. Their escape is prevented by closing off the route to the open sea or ocean with boats and nets. Dolphins are hunted this way in several places around the world, including the Solomon Island...[Read More]

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