Shipping containers recycled into affordable, accessible Utah home

Published in: youtube > Kirsten Dirksen > recycling | Published on 17/Aug/2018 02:33

Real estate broker Jeff White dreamed of transforming used shipping containers into affordable housing. Laughed at by the first architects he approached, he began to work on his concept using...

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The Web of Life: Classroom Environmental Education Activity

Published in: youtube > Paryavaran Mitra > environmental education | Published on 16/Aug/2018 13:08

A Game of interrelations. The Green Teacher Video by Paryavaran Mitra A video programme demonstrating a variety of approaches to teaching and learning about the environment, as well as comments...

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Biomimicry Innovation Inspired by Nature

Published in: Google Books > Science > ecology for kids | Published on 25/Jul/2018 23:29

320 pages , Harper Collins , 2009-08-11
This profound and accessible book details how science is studying nature’s best ideas to solve our toughest 21st-century problems. If chaos theory transformed our view of the universe, biomimicry is transforming our life on Earth. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature – taking advantage of evolution’s 3.8...[Read More]

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Environmental Engineering Problems and Solutions

Published in: Google Books > Environmental engineering > environmental engineering | Published on 14/Jun/2018 12:26

292 pages , Dearborn Trade Publishing , 1995-06-01
Written specifically for the environmental engineering portion of the Professional Engineering exam, this guide covers Fluid Flow; Water Supply and Treatment; Wastewater Treatment; Sludge Treatment and Disposal; Sanitary Engineering Analysis; and Engineering Economy. Appendices and an index are provided. 100\% problems a...[Read More]

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Green Chemistry Theory and Practice

Published in: Google Books > Science > green energy | Published on 18/May/2018 11:48

135 pages , Oxford University Press, USA , 2000-01-01
''As the summary of a vision, the book is brilliant. One can feel the enthusiasm of the authors throughout...I see it as a vehicle for initiating a fruitful dialogue between chemical producers and regulatory enforcers without the confrontation, which often characterizes such interactions.' ' -Martyn Poliakoff, Green C...[Read More]

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How sustainability can save your business

Published in: youtube > andyhallSVCS > Sustainability | Published on 01/May/2018 18:24

Sustainability is something that we all recognise as being important but the associated cost to business is often difficult to justify, especially in times of financial crisis. So what if we...

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Fairness and Futurity Essays on Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > environmental sustainability | Published on 23/Apr/2018 13:38

328 pages , Oxford University Press , 1999
Fairness and Futurity: Essays on Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice brings together leading international figures in political theory and sociology, as well as representatives from the political community, to consider the normative issues at stake in the relationship between environmental sustainability and social j...[Read More]

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Renewable Energy A First Course

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > renewable energy | Published on 09/Apr/2018 00:30

464 pages , CRC Press , 2013-03-13
Renewable energy has great significance for the world’s future, given the environmental issues related to energy generation and energy’s importance in our society. Making wise energy choices is not easy, however. It involves balanced consideration of economic, environmental, technical, political, and other perspectives to ...[Read More]

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Dementia Care A Care Worker Handbook

Published in: Google Books > Health & Fitness > Environment care | Published on 04/Apr/2018 09:39

216 pages , Hodder Education , 2012-11-30
Working with people with dementia? Training in adult or dementia care? You don't have to go it alone! Caring for people with dementia is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in Health and Social Care. But with a range of awards, certificates and pathways for work-based learners it can be a confusing area for qualificat...[Read More]

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Biological Characteristics of Water & MPN Test | Environmental Engineering | Part II

Published in: youtube > APSED > environmental engineering | Published on 03/Apr/2018 16:32

Have solved an example to show the determination of Most Probable Number. Hello everyone, hope you liked the video. This is an educational platform set up IIT Bombay Graduates with an aim...

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European Environmental Bureau

Published in: wikipedia > english > European Environmental Bureau | Published on 28/Mar/2018 17:17

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is a network of over 140 environmental citizens’ organisations based in all 28 European Union (EU) Member States, potential Member States and a few neighbouring countries. These organisations range from local and national, to European and international. EEB’s aim is to protect and improve Europe’s environment and to enable Europe’...[Read More]

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Published in: youtube > The Brilliant Asian Dude > global warming | Published on 18/Mar/2018 06:55

Dr Michio Kaku January 14 2018 ☆ WAS GLOBAL WARMING BEHIND THE MONSTER HURRICANE ☆ Michio Kaku 2018 #DrMichioKaku #MichioKaku2018 #MidnightInDesert #DrMichioKakuUFOAliens #MichioKakuUnacknowle...

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