जानें क्यों दिल्ली की हवा हो रही है जहरीली ? Pollution in Delhi

Published in: youtube > Navodaya Times > pollution | Published on 15/Oct/2018 15:29

हरियाणा और पंजाब में हर साल की तरह...इस बार भी पराली जलाने का सिलसिला तेज हो...

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Bunker Mentality: Start Preparing for Ecological & Economic Disaster Free Of Corporate Overlords

Published in: youtube > Martin Brodel > Ecology | Published on 20/Aug/2018 20:10

https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4553739 you can donate through this site paypal email account MBrodel@aol.com Martin Brodel 36248 HWY 133 Hotchkiss, ...

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How to Ace the GED (2018) - Ecosystems

Published in: youtube > whipsmartt > Ecology | Published on 20/Aug/2018 19:27

This GED Science video goes over ecosystems. We begin by looking at producers and consumers, the energy pyramid, biomes, and photosynthesis.

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Do the right mix - Sustainable Urban Mobility

Published in: youtube > European Commission > Sustainability | Published on 22/Jul/2018 18:54

http://dotherightmix.eu/ Want to make the most of your time, save money, make your city more liveable, AND do something for your health? Then 'Do the Right Mix'! When you combine different...

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International Union for Conservation of Nature

Published in: wikipedia > english > International Union for Conserva | Published on 12/Jul/2018 07:24

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN; officially International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) is an international organization working in the field of nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. It is involved in data gathering and analysis, research, field projects, advocacy, and education. IUCN's mission is to "influence, encourage a...[Read More]

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Global Warming for Young Minds A Global Warming and Sustainability Guide for Children

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > global warming | Published on 16/Jun/2018 04:48

46 pages , Strategic Book Publishing , 2010-05
Earth is a big, beautiful planet that we share with thousands of plants and animals. But carbon dioxide and methane gases are creating global warming and threatening our world. We only have one earth and we must do all we can to look after it. Luckily, there are several things we can do to protect our planet and slow down gl...[Read More]

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Fonyod: The environmental management plan

Published in: youtube > UBC Sustainable Cities Commission > environmental management | Published on 31/May/2018 05:00

The environmental management plan The CHAMP project (2009-2012) aimed at training and supporting local and subregional authorities in implementing an integrated management system for climate...

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Law, Power and Culture Supporting Change From Within

Published in: Google Books > Law > alternative power | Published on 29/May/2018 08:32

208 pages , Palgrave Macmillan , 2014-10-20
A fresh theory on how individuals respond to inequalities occurring within their own communities. This original and insightful study draws on empirical research on the Santal people of Asia, examining power relations within social fields, and the state, to reveal a typology of power practices, and applies these to forced marria...[Read More]

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Contemporary Studies in Environmental and Indigenous Pedagogies A Curricula of Stories and Place

Published in: Google Books > Education > environmental education | Published on 14/May/2018 03:31

314 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2013-06-13
Contemporary Studies in Environmental and Indigenous Pedagogies: A Curricula of Stories and Place. Our book is a compilation of the work of experienced educational researchers and practitioners, all of whom currently work in educational settings across North America. Contributors bring to this discussion, an enri...[Read More]

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Animal Welfare Organization - CARE

Published in: youtube > CARE > Environment care | Published on 12/May/2018 22:41

CARE is a public charitable trust, established for the welfare of animals and conservation of the environment. CARE was started in 2012 with a small group of energetic people who were empathetic...

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The Anthropology of Sustainability Beyond Development and Progress

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > Sustainability | Published on 17/Apr/2018 02:03

316 pages , Springer , 2017-09-07
This book compiles research from leading experts in the social, behavioral, and cultural dimensions of sustainability, as well as local and global understandings of the concept, and on lived practices around the world. It contains studies focusing on ways of living, acting, and thinking which claim to favor the local and global ecologica...[Read More]

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Sustainability 4.0 With Captain Future

Published in: youtube > Captain Future Show > Sustainability | Published on 12/Apr/2018 19:23

Michael Sillion aka Captain Future sums up how we create a sustainable future on Spaceship Earth.

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