A Rare Event - A Care Guide For MY Orchids in MY Environment

Published in: youtube > Roger's Orchids > Environment care | Published on 12/Aug/2019 23:54

The reason I don't normally do care guides for orchids is that environmental factors greatly affect the care that orchids need. As such, my environment is quite ...

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Religion and Ecology in India and Southeast Asia , David L. Gosling

Published in: itune > Religion & Spirituality,Books > Sustainability | Published on 24/Apr/2019 15:00

What part can Hindu and Buddhist traditions play in resolving the ecological problems facing India and South East Asia? David Gosling's exciting study, based on extensive fieldwork, is of global significance: the creation of more sustainable relationships between people and the natural world is one of the most urgent social and environmental problems of the new ...[Read More]

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Education for Sustainable Development in Further Education Embedding Sustainability into Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum

Published in: Google Books > Education > Sustainability | Published on 15/Aug/2018 19:49

298 pages , Springer , 2016-08-20
This book will enable teachers and managers in the post-compulsory sector to consider a range of approaches to embed Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in their practice in the post-compulsory sector. There will be the opportunity to consider key debates, useful links and suggested reading to encourage further investigation and ...[Read More]

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NoMonia: A Process to Remove Ammonia from Drinking Water

Published in: youtube > Federallabs > Environmental protection | Published on 31/Jul/2018 14:45

Darren A Lytle, an environmental engineer for the Water Supply and Water Resources Division (WSWRD) at the Environmental Protection Agency discusses NoMonia–A process to remove ammonia from...

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Biofuels Economics and Policy. Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental sustainability | Published on 23/Jul/2018 19:10

208 pages , FrancoAngeli , 2013

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A Study in Stream Ecology

Published in: youtube > USGS > Ecology | Published on 29/Jun/2018 21:18

http://gallery.usgs.gov/videos/449 In this episode we explore how scientists for the USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program investigate the ecological health of rivers and streams...

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Freeman Dyson: A Global Warming Heretic

Published in: youtube > 1000frolly > global warming | Published on 27/Jun/2018 16:16

Deniers/Heretics like Freeman Dyson, should get the death penalty according to an Australian-born Professor, Richard Parncutt; "The death penalty is barbaric, racist, expensive, and is often...

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Phizz-Whizzing Stories - Gobblefunk

Published in: Google Books > > ecology for kids | Published on 23/Jun/2018 02:47

137 pages , Bonacia Limited , 2013-01-01

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Women in the Environmental Sciences

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > environmental science | Published on 08/Jun/2018 07:08

64 pages , Simon and Schuster , 2014-09-02
Women have made major contributions to science throughout history, including in the environmental sciences. Learn about the lives of some of the most amazing women in environmental science, from Rachel Carson to Lena Ma, as well as their exciting and important work. Discover what it takes to work in the environmental sciences. F...[Read More]

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Fostering Sustainable Behavior An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental education | Published on 04/Jun/2018 09:34

192 pages , New Society Publishers , 2013-10-18
The highly acclaimed manual for changing everyday habits--now in an all-new third edition!

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The Environmental Science Services Administration

Published in: Google Books > Meteorological services > environmental science | Published on 02/Jun/2018 19:04

278 pages , New York : Praeger , 1967

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Ecological literacy

Published in: wikipedia > english > Ecological literacy | Published on 14/May/2018 07:38

Ecological literacy (also referred to as ecoliteracy) is the ability to understand the natural systems that make life on earth possible. To be ecoliterate means understanding the principles of organization of ecological communities (i.e. ecosystems) and using those principles for creating sustainable human communities. The term was coined by American educator David W. Orr and physicist Fritjof Cap...[Read More]

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