Earth Democracy Justice, Sustainability and Peace

Published in: Google Books > Environmental justice > Sustainability | Published on 04/Feb/2019 20:00

224 pages , Zed Books , 2005
A leading voice in struggles for global justice, Vandana Shiva is a world renowned environmental activist and physicist. With Earth Democracy, her most extensive treatment of the struggles she helped bring to international attention-genetic food engineering, cultural theft, and natural resource privatization-Shiva uncovers their link to the r...[Read More]

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Plastic Pollution In The Ocean

Published in: youtube > Sheila House > pollution | Published on 24/Jul/2018 03:49

There is more plastic in the ocean then there is life. #OceanRescue.

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Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit , Al Gore

Published in: itune > Science, > environmental sustainability | Published on 25/Jun/2018 08:43

? ? 2016 Phoenix Books 2016-03-01T08:00:00Z USA
Winner of the 1993 Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Book Award.

In brave and unforgettable terms, Al Gore, the passionate and lifelong defender of the environment, describes how human actions and decisions can endanger or safeguard the vulnerable ecosystem that sustains us.

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What is ecology?

Published in: youtube > Cara Marlowe > Ecology | Published on 17/Jun/2018 20:44

Video 1 Levels of organization in ecology and ecological methods.

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Carbon Sequestration for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Published in: Google Books > Science > global warming | Published on 13/Jun/2018 19:23

544 pages , Springer , 2017-04-17
This book provides an understanding of the role of human activities in accelerating change in global carbon cycling summarizes current knowledge of the contemporary carbon budget. Starting from the geological history, this volume follows a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the role of human activities in perturbing carbon cycling by ...[Read More]

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Maldives: Humans need to know how to behave to care the environment.

Published in: youtube > Badruddeen Naseem > Environment care | Published on 10/Jun/2018 00:59

Unbelievable...this is what I saw @ TJetty area (Male/Maldives) this morning and I am speechless.....! Who is to blame for this? Let's contribute to save our planet! "Treat your garbage disposal...

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DLP alternative: Unboxing the WANHAO Duplicator 7, an LCD-based resin SLA 3D printer!

Published in: youtube > Thomas Sanladerer > alternative power | Published on 22/May/2018 07:22

Get one from the official WANHAO Aliexpress store [ ] Original resin prices [ ] Get Nitril...

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Published in: youtube > Kevin Murphy > environmental education | Published on 06/May/2018 08:01

The Association for the Wolf Lake Initiative (AWLI) held its 19th Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, January 11, 2018, at the Environmental Education Center, in Hammond, Indiana. After...

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What Is A Producer In Ecology?

Published in: youtube > Wen Wen > ecology for kid | Published on 27/Apr/2018 06:52

Producer synonyms, producer pronunciation, translation, ecology an organism, such as a green plant, that produces its own food start studying chap 1 producers, consumers, chains. Also called...

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Species homogeneity

Published in: wikipedia > english > Species homogeneity | Published on 11/Apr/2018 21:45

In ecology, species homogeneity is a lack of biodiversity. Species richness is the fundamental unit in which to assess the homogeneity of an environment. Therefore, any reduction in species richness, especially endemic species, could be argued as advocating the production of a homogenous environment.

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Environmental Management

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental management | Published on 27/Mar/2018 16:03

429 pages , Nova Science Pub Incorporated , 2008
Environmental management deals with the use and conservation of natural resources, protection of habitats and control of hazards, and includes the field of applied ecology. this book presents the latest research from around the world in this field.

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David Mayer de Rothschild on Alex Jones FULL Global Warming Debate (2007)

Published in: youtube > yeoldbasser > global warming | Published on 15/Mar/2018 21:33

On July 6th, 2007, Alex Jones interviewed David Mayer de Rothschild — heir of the global banking crime syndicate, British adventurer, environmentalist and head of Adventure Ecology. During...

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