PowerBridge 200- Alternative Power for Self-Erecting Cranes

Published in: youtube > Altastream Power > alternative power | Published on 14/May/2019 03:54

This device was specifically designed to replace diesel engines that power self erecting cranes. The PowerBridge 200 will not require costly diesel fuel and ...

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Insects and Sustainability of Ecosystem Services

Published in: Google Books > Nature > environmental sustainability | Published on 16/Aug/2018 20:04

362 pages , CRC Press , 2013-05-23
With few exceptions, insects are perceived in industrialized countries as undesirable pests. In reality, relatively few insects interfere with us or our resources. Most have benign or positive effects on ecosystem services, and many represent useful resources in non-industrialized countries. Challenging traditional perceptions of the va...[Read More]

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Sustainability How the Cosmetics Industry is Greening Up

Published in: Google Books > Science > Sustainability | Published on 04/Jul/2018 15:35

368 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2014-05-19
Sustainability has come to the fore in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Rising ethical consumerism and the need for resource efficiency are making cosmetic companies – small, independent firms to global giants – take steps towards sustainable development. Sustainability: How the Cosmetics Industry is Green...[Read More]

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Environmental Literacy in Science and Society From Knowledge to Decisions

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 03/Jul/2018 03:45

631 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2011-07-21
A comprehensive review and analysis of environmental literacy within the context of environmental science and sustainable development. Approaching the topic from multiple perspectives, the book explores the development of human understanding of the environment and human-environment interactions in the fields of biology,...[Read More]

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Com. Adewale, holds a townhall meeting on environmental sustainability

Published in: youtube > Ayodele Adewale > environmental sustainability | Published on 02/May/2018 20:19

Comrade Ayodele Adewale, holds a townhall meeting on environmental sustainability in Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, Festac Town, Lagos.

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Pacific Northwest Wildcrafting

Published in: facebook > group > recycling | Published on 17/Apr/2018 09:27

This group is open to anybody with an interest in wild foods. Foods that you can't get at the local grocery store but that maybe will appear at the local farmer's market... in season. By foods, we mean Healing Herbs as well... And foods for the soul: Spiritual Elixirs or Arts & Crafts We're looking for stories about the bumper 'crop', finding that first edible bolete of the season or trying ou...[Read More]

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Recycling and Reuse of Sewage Sludge Proceedings of the International Symposium Organised by the Concrete Technology Unit and Held at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK on 19-20 March 2001

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > recycling | Published on 08/Apr/2018 02:04

370 pages , Thomas Telford , 2001-01-01
Varying degrees of environmental impact by sewage sludge disposals alternatives, present challenges for waste management practice and policy. Many regulating bodies throughout the world are implementing measures which actively promote environmentally sound and economically viable routes to convert this waste into a valuable resourc...[Read More]

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Global Warming

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > global warming | Published on 03/Mar/2018 13:50

32 pages , Capstone Classroom , 2008
Describes global warming and how it is affecting different areas of the Earth, and includes ways humans are trying to reduce its effect.

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Desert puma evolutionary ecology and conservation of an enduring carnivore

Published in: Google Books > Nature > Ecology | Published on 27/Feb/2018 14:51

463 pages , Island Pr , 2001-08-01
Scientists and conservationists are beginning to understand the importance of top carnivores to the health and integrity of fully functioning ecosystems. As burgeoning human populations continue to impinge on natural landscapes, the need for understanding carnivore populations and how we affect them is becoming increasingly acute.Desert...[Read More]

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Civil, Architecture and Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > COE > environmental engineering | Published on 27/Feb/2018 07:04

The Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) Department is a uniquely interdisciplinary association of faculty and students with complimentary interests and expertise. The...

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Environmental science - Video Learning - WizScience.com

Published in: youtube > Wiz Scienceâ„¢ > environmental science | Published on 22/Feb/2018 02:51

"Environmental science" is a multidisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences to the study of the environment, and the solution of environmental...

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Ignatian Solidarity Network

Published in: wikipedia > english > Ignatian Solidarity Network | Published on 07/Feb/2018 16:06

Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN) organizes Jesuit schools and universities in the United States, together with their alumni and all interested parties, in training and advocacy for social justice leadership. This is in pursuit of "the service of faith and promotion of justice" that was emphasized by Jesuit Father General Pedro Arrupe and by the Catholic bishops after Vatican II. The founding of I...[Read More]

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