Ecological Pyramid - Environment & Ecology for UPSC CSE By Shreyaa Sharma

Published in: youtube > Unacademy > Ecology | Published on 30/Apr/2019 01:58

Ecological Pyramids - Environment & Ecology for UPSC CSE: In this lesson Shreyaa explains the various types of the ecological pyramids. An ecological ...

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Professor Henrik Lund on Denmark's Renewable Energy Strategy

Published in: youtube > IIEA1 > renewable energy | Published on 07/Jan/2019 22:48

About the Speech: Denmark's energy policy has been remarkably successful. When the first oil crisis struck in 1973 Denmark was almost entirely dependent on ...

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Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth , John Michael Greer

Published in: itune > Spirituality,Books,Health, Mind & Body,Religion & Spirituality > Ecology | Published on 08/Aug/2018 18:48

The authentic teachings of the mystery schools offer a profoundly different way of making sense of the universe and our place in it. In Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth, ecologist and Druid initiate John Michael Greer offers an introduction to the core teachings of the mysteries through the mirror of the natural world.

Using examples from na...[Read More]

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The Greenhouse Effect

Published in: youtube > U.S. Environmental Protection Agency > Environmental protection | Published on 19/Jul/2018 08:25

NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on. This animation uses narration and illustrations to explain the greenhouse effect and how it relates to...

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The Newman's Own Organics Guide to a Good Life Simple Measures That Benefit You and the Place You Live

Published in: Google Books > Nature > ecology for kids | Published on 28/Jun/2018 16:02

236 pages , Villard Books , 2003
Offers practical suggestions on how to change one's life to improve the quality of the environment around oneself, from recycling and reusing materials to eating organic foods, and utilizing clean power sources.

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If We Had Some Global Warming

Published in: youtube > M4GW > global warming | Published on 27/May/2018 00:52

A parody of "If I had a Million Dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies Now available for download: Get the MP3 here:

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Why I Dont Care About The Environment

Published in: youtube > MoFreedomFoundation > Environment care | Published on 21/Apr/2018 15:24

Climate change, global warming, and the environmental movement more broadly are huge issues. But they aren't on this YouTube channel. This video explains why. Please subscribe to the Youtube...

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Go Green Green Living: Green Facts, Green Energy and Tips for Going Green

Published in: Google Books > > green energy | Published on 04/Apr/2018 06:01

76 pages , Createspace Independent Publishing Platform , 2016-08-17
Save Money And The Environment! It's A Great Time To Go Green! A Must Have book if you or someone else you know is thinking of Going Green! Learn how to make your life better while helping the environment at the same time! This book contains simple steps and strategies that you can follow to easily live ...[Read More]

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The Ends of the World Volcanic Apocalypses, Lethal Oceans, and Our Quest to Understand Earth's Past Mass Extinctions

Published in: Google Books > Nature > global warming | Published on 01/Apr/2018 10:56

336 pages , HarperCollins , 2017-06-13
As new groundbreaking research suggests that climate change played a major role in the most extreme catastrophes in the planet's history, award-winning science journalist Peter Brannen takes us on a wild ride through the planet's five mass extinctions and, in the process, offers us a glimpse of our increasingly dangerous future Our ...[Read More]

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Family-Friendly Mental Health Care Environment at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Francis

Published in: youtube > Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare > Environment care | Published on 25/Mar/2018 09:55

To learn more about Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare and view current career opportunities, visit

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Diversity–function debate

Published in: wikipedia > english > Diversity–function debate | Published on 04/Mar/2018 02:15

Functional diversity, composition, and species richness affect the biogeochemical processes of ecosystems. However, the degree to which these factors influence ecosystems and whether that influence is significant is debated. In the article The Influence of Functional Diversity and Composition on Ecosystem Processes, scientists reported on an experiment in which they studied the effects of plant sp...[Read More]

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Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program

Published in: wikipedia > english > Collaborative Labeling and Appli | Published on 28/Feb/2018 17:19

The Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP) is an international nonprofit organization which provides technical and policy support to governments worldwide and works to implement energy efficiency standards and labels (S&L) for appliances, lighting, and equipment. It specializes in publishing studies and analyses with relevance to S&L practitioners. The organization was crea...[Read More]

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