Your heart, the next renewable energy | ACCIONA

Published in: youtube > ACCIONA > renewable energy | Published on 18/Dec/2018 04:16

Scientists all over the world are exploring the possibilities afforded by the human body as a source of electricity to power portable electronic devices.

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Tyto Ecology ^W^Himalayan Biodome~EP:2

Published in: youtube > Enchanted Feathers > Ecology | Published on 20/Aug/2018 18:06

Remember to like and subscribe for more and I will be taking a break from niche so.... yeah... and if ya want some roblox videos I will glady do so...

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The Ecological Niche

Published in: youtube > John Morgan > Ecology | Published on 09/Aug/2018 00:36

This film introduces the idea that plants have tolerances to abiotic factors that help define their ecological niche.

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Environmental sustainability and climate change

Published in: youtube > redunitas bolivia > environmental sustainability | Published on 18/Jul/2018 03:04

Environmental sustainability and climate change.

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Environmental Engineer

Published in: youtube > CBIA > environmental engineering | Published on 13/Jul/2018 23:02

A typical day in the life of a young environmental engineer.

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Why Trump was right to reject the "Global Warming Scam"

Published in: youtube > Rebel Media > global warming | Published on 13/Jul/2018 21:07

Ezra Levant of reports on President Trump's decision to pull America out of the Paris Climate Accord. This is a move that will benefit the American economy, but the bureaucrats...

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HUGE "FAILED" EXPERIMENT (Science Teacher GoesTo Biosphere 2)

Published in: youtube > Sudden Kimpact > Earth biosphere | Published on 20/Jun/2018 09:32

The Kims go visit Biosphere 2, a giant experiment in the desert just outside Tucson Arizona that originally existed to study how we could potentially live in space but now functions as a space...

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BP Blowout Inside the Gulf Oil Disaster

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > renewable energy | Published on 11/Jun/2018 13:21

210 pages , Brookings Institution Press , 2016-09-30
The story of the worst environmental disaster in American history and its enduring consequences BP Blowout is the first comprehensive account of the legal, economic, and environmental consequences of the disaster that resulted from the April 2010 blowout at a BP well in the Gulf of Mexico. The accident, which destroyed...[Read More]

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Companies' organization and public communication on environmental issues

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental issues | Published on 08/May/2018 05:14

130 pages , United Nations , 1991

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The Trees, the Bees, & Me! First Look at the Earth's Ecosystems for Kids - Children's Ecology Books

Published in: Google Books > > ecology for kids | Published on 08/Apr/2018 07:39

Bobo's Little Brainiac Books , 2016-06-21
Consider this book as your child's first look into the concept of ecology and how the chain of life works. By informing your child of how animals, plants and humans are connected, it will somehow raise awareness on the importance of the ecosystem. Hopefully, this awareness will lead participation in conservation efforts.

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Earth Reforestation Project

Published in: facebook > group > environmental education | Published on 30/Mar/2018 11:16

Website: Facebook: Facebook Group: We are working to plant 140,000,000,000 trees. The Earth Reforestation Project exists to educate, organize, inform, network, and serve as a foundation for strategic global activism through the free sharing of...[Read More]

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Petroleum Technology: Environmental Engineering Realistic Interview, or Viva Voce

Published in: youtube > InterviewMax > environmental engineering | Published on 24/Mar/2018 04:14

Ignore other text-bookish interview videos, where you are just a road-side observer. Instead, engage yourself in realistic professional interviews at These are the type...

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