Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology , Andre Gorz & Chris Turner

Published in: itune > Politics & Current Events,Books > recycling | Published on 02/Aug/2018 14:43

In this major new book, Andr? Gorz expands on the political implications of his prescient and influential Paths to Paradise and Critique of Economic Reason. Against the background of technological developments which have transformed the nature of work and the structure of the workforce, Gorz explores the new political agendas facing both left and ...[Read More]

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Renewable Energy Forecasting From Models to Applications

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > green energy | Published on 26/Jul/2018 01:45

580 pages , Woodhead Publishing Limited , 2017-06-01
Renewable Energy Forecasting: From Models to Applications provides an overview of the state-of-the-art of renewable energy forecasting technology and its applications. After an introduction to the principles of meteorology and renewable energy generation, groups of chapters address forecasting models, very short-term f...[Read More]

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Handbook of Environment and Waste Management Air and Water Pollution Control

Published in: Google Books > Nature > pollution | Published on 11/Jul/2018 06:35

1227 pages , World Scientific , 2012
The Handbook of Environment and Waste Management, Volume 1, Air and Water Pollution Control, is a comprehensive compilation of topics that are at the forefront of many technical advances and practices in air and water pollution control. These include air pollution control, water pollution control, water treatment, wastewater treatment...[Read More]

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Caillou Learns to Recycle Ecology Club

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > recycling | Published on 24/Jun/2018 19:35

24 pages , Chouette Publishing Inc , 2014-11-01
The children at Caillou’s day care are curious about the new recycling bin—it has four openings, what are they for? Ms. Martin has an activity planned to demonstrate recycling plastic, glass, metal, and paper. She has some very impressive examples of recycled things to show the children, even a T-shirt made of...[Read More]

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Environmental Management and Ecology

Published in: youtube > La Trobe University > environmental management | Published on 24/Jun/2018 03:31 An introduction to Environmental Management and Ecology at La Trobe University.

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Learning about shared society and working together towards environmental sustainability

Published in: youtube > Tafitv > environmental sustainability | Published on 20/Jun/2018 18:16

Jewish and Arab students and their teachers from eight elementary schools in Acre took part in a culminating activity on the topic of sustainability and shared society as part of the Language...

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Emissions trading

Published in: wikipedia > english > Emissions trading | Published on 14/Jun/2018 07:40

Emissions trading, or cap and trade, is a government-mandated, market-based approach to controlling pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants. In contrast to command-and-control environmental regulations such as best available technology (BAT) standards and government subsidies, cap and trade (CAT) schemes are a type of flexible environmenta...[Read More]

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Zija's XM+ Is A Powerful Appetite Suppressant With All Day Energy!

Published in: youtube > Eddie Bonuchi > green energy | Published on 05/Jun/2018 23:05

GET A FREE 2-DAY SAMPLE- Zija's XM+ Energy Mix combines the abundant nutrition of Moringa oleifera with ingredients that provide natural energy and performance in order...

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Industrial and Sustainable Farming

Published in: youtube > VEA Australia - New Zealand > Sustainability | Published on 01/Jun/2018 05:23

One of the biggest challenges facing the farming industry today is feeding the growing world population while also caring for the environment. At the centre of this debate are industrial and...

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The Practice of Sustainable Development

Published in: Google Books > Architecture > environmental sustainability | Published on 28/May/2018 18:44

162 pages , Urban Land Inst , 2000-01-01
Packed with examples, practical techniques, and solutions, this book contains proven ideas that can make almost any project sustainable, financially feasible, and successful.

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Disinfection - Ozone, Excess Lime etc. | Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > APSED > environmental engineering | Published on 26/May/2018 17:40

Have talked about minor methods of disinfection including Boiling, Excess lime, Ozone, Iodine & Bromine, Potassium Permanganate, Ultra Violet rays, Silver Electro Katadyn process as disinfectants....

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Displacement ventilation

Published in: wikipedia > english > Displacement ventilation | Published on 20/May/2018 05:58

Displacement ventilation (DV) It is a room air distribution strategy where conditioned outdoor air is supplied at a low velocity from air supply diffusers located near floor level and extracted above the occupied zone, usually at ceiling height.

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