World in Transition Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Biosphere

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Earth biosphere | Published on 14/Aug/2018 15:05

451 pages , Earthscan , 2001
The Banksia Environmental Foundation has awarded The Natural Advantage of Nations: Business Opportunities, Innovation and Governance in the 21st Centuryand the supporting training program for engineers, the 'Engineering Sustainable Solutions Progr

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Elephants Never Forget

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > recycling | Published on 07/Aug/2018 18:27

48 pages , Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , 2008-03-21
Crraack! Flash! Boom! When a terrible storm scatters a group of elephants, one tiny member of the herd is left behind in the loud, chittering jungle. Where can he turn? The water buffalo look nice enough, but he couldn’t become a part of their herd . . . could he?

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Wind Turbine Green Energy - (technology) - Stock Footage | Mega Pack +40 items

Published in: youtube > After Effects Templates > green energy | Published on 01/Aug/2018 12:56

Download now: Wind Turbine Green Energy - (technology) Download now: First Steps In Virtual Reality - Download now: Sport, Leisure, People And Teenage...

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Borderlands 2 :: Grinder Arm Console locations for Environmental Protection

Published in: youtube > Pequod Senpai > Environmental protection | Published on 24/Jul/2018 20:40

Where are those darn grinder control panels?!

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Which Christmas Tree is Better for the Environment - Real or Artificial

Published in: youtube > Eric Novak > Environment care | Published on 17/Jul/2018 08:16

If you are in the market for a new Christmas Tree, yet at the same time you want to make a choice that is best for the environment, then the question needs to be asked...Which Christmas Tree...

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Yadhum Oore rally spreads awareness on environmental protection in Chennai

Published in: youtube > Puthiya Thalaimurai TV > Environmental protection | Published on 12/Jul/2018 02:56

Watch â–» Jayalalithaa Takes Oath - Full Speech : -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Yadhum Oore rally spreads awareness on environmental protection in Chennai Connect with Puthiya Thalaimurai...

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Jevons paradox

Published in: wikipedia > english > Jevons paradox | Published on 02/Jul/2018 23:32

In economics, the Jevons paradox (; sometimes the Jevons effect) occurs when technological progress increases the efficiency with which a resource is used (reducing the amount necessary for any one use), but the rate of consumption of that resource rises because of increasing demand. The Jevons paradox is perhaps the most widely known paradox in environmental economics. However, governments and en...[Read More]

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Glocal Environmental Education

Published in: Google Books > Nature > environmental education | Published on 12/Jun/2018 17:18

246 pages , Rawat Books , 2010
Papers presented at the International Symposium on Glocal Environmental Education, held at Sapporo during 5-6 July 2008.

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The Political Ecology of the State The Basis and the Evolution of Environmental Statehood

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Ecology | Published on 27/May/2018 03:12

196 pages , Routledge , 2014-03-26
The contemporary state is not only the main force behind environmental change, but the reactions to environmental problems have played a crucial role in the modernisation of the state apparatus, especially because of its mediatory role. The Political Ecology of the State is the first book to critically assess the philosophical basis of ...[Read More]

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Renewable energy

Published in: youtube > AFP news agency > renewable energy | Published on 19/May/2018 19:30

Keep up-to-date with the latest news, subscribe here: Worldwide investments in renewable energy projects rose by 17 per cent in 2014, reversing a two-year decline,...

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Business and Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Sustainability | Published on 14/May/2018 16:31

768 pages , Cengage Learning , 2011-01-24
Demonstrate for your students the importance of business ethics, sustainability and stakeholder management from a strong managerial perspective with Carroll/Buchholtz’s BUSINESS AND SOCIETY: ETHICS, SUSTAINABILITY, AND STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT, 8E. Students learn how effective business decision makers balance and protect the...[Read More]

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Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Approaches for Achieving Sustainable Urban Form in Asian Cities

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 27/Mar/2018 15:04

459 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2013-02-28
This book attempts to provide insights into the achievement of a sustainable urban form, through spatial planning and implementation; here, we focus on planning experiences at the levels of local cities and some metropolitan areas in Asian countries. This book investigates the impact of planning policy on spatial...[Read More]

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