What Are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Published in: youtube > Kendall Jackson > renewable energy | Published on 07/Jan/2019 22:57

Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, help fund renewable energy projects and bridge the pricing gap between renewables and fossil fuel powered ...

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Renewable Energy in Cuba | Erb Institute | University of Michigan

Published in: youtube > University of Michigan > renewable energy | Published on 17/Dec/2018 09:05

One student from the University of Michigan's Erb Institute MBA/MS dual-degree program traveled to Cuba to explore the future of Cuba's renewable energy ...

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Biology and Ecology of Carp

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 13/Aug/2018 10:40

394 pages , CRC Press , 2015-06-22
Carp are the backbone of a growing aquaculture industry. They facilitate scientific progress as a model species in laboratories, cause concern for ecosystem managers as an invasive species, and mesmerize anglers as big game. In addition, ornamental koi carp fascinate hobby breeders. Biology and Ecology of Carp covers all these facets of...[Read More]

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Central Michigan Permaculture

Published in: facebook > group > environmental education | Published on 01/Jul/2018 16:01

Central Michigan's Permaculture activist's group that are applying and changing our community through Permaculture ethics, principles and more. Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.[1][2] The term permaculture (as a systematic m...[Read More]

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Adelaide Hills Permaculture Group

Published in: facebook > group > environmental engineering | Published on 01/Jul/2018 08:50

Local people interested in Permaculture in the Adelaide Hills and Surrounds, getting together and sharing knowledge, ideas, energy, workshops, tours, food and working bees. All welcome to participate and add to group. Feel free to post and suggest and offer to run events. No matter how small or large :)

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The Antichrist Needs an Army: the Return of Nephilim Is Soon to Come!

Published in: youtube > God Is Love > environmental issues | Published on 09/Jun/2018 08:51

Subscribe and like my page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/DailyYeshua Preacher: Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Full Sermon: https://youtu.be/LI1d_jXobNg Lancaster Prophetic Conference 2013 Thursday...

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Sustainability focus for November 2016: Environmental sustainability on Tygerberg Campus

Published in: youtube > Stellenbosch Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences > environmental sustainability | Published on 05/Jun/2018 22:49

Join Mrs Christine Groenewald, the co-ordinator of the FMHS Green Committee, for an interesting overview of the initiatives in the areas of leadership, water, energy, food, waste, travel, buildings...

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Environmental Science Physical Principles and Applications

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 04/Jun/2018 19:52

362 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2001-11-06
Providing extensive coverage of the field, this book brings togethe the latest developments, theories, research and concerns from both a scientifi an social perspective. Beginning with an introduction on approaching environmenta problems, the text then moves on to look at climatic change, energy conversion the transport of pollu...[Read More]

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Nitrogen cycle | Ecology | Khan Academy

Published in: youtube > Khan Academy > Ecology | Published on 12/Mar/2018 17:17

Introduction to the nitrogen cycle Watch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/ecology/biogeochemical-cycles/v/phosphorous-cycle Missed the previous lesson? Watch here:...

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Despite tough environment for rural health care, area hospital expanding

Published in: youtube > Channel 3000 | News 3 > Environment care | Published on 06/Mar/2018 21:02

It's no secret that America's rural hospitals are struggling.

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Alternative Discourses in Asian Social Science Responses to Eurocentrism

Published in: Google Books > Philosophy > alternative power | Published on 08/Feb/2018 10:18

226 pages , SAGE , 2006-05-10
This book situates Asian social sciences in the global context in terms of the perspectives that have evolved and the contributions they have made to the general body of knowledge in the field. More than a mere chronology of key growth points of various social science disciplines in the vast region of Asia and the Pacific, the book focuses o...[Read More]

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Catalyst of Power

Published in: Google Books > > alternative power | Published on 28/Jan/2018 11:24

266 pages , DragonRising Publishing , 2006-06-01
Discusses the topics such as: experience your own Assemblage Point, a crucial energy vortex of our Energy Body; discover how the position of the Assemblage Point controls how we feel and behave; learn how to shift and relocate the Assemblage Point to improve mental and physical performance and accelerate personal growth; a...[Read More]

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