Groundswell Rising: Protecting Our Children's Air And Water

Published in: youtube > godigital > environmental engineering | Published on 31/Jul/2018 23:10

Groundswell Rising, Protecting Our Children's Air & Water This Insightful documentary from Emmy Award-winning Resolution Pictures captures the passion of people engaged in a David verses...

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Dark Matters

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > pollution | Published on 13/Jul/2018 00:33

72 pages , Red Deer Press , 2015-05-30
Thirteen-year-old Joan loves the outdoors; she loves looking up at the night sky. She learns that all the light humans use is harming that beautiful natural world. Galat introduces the idea of light pollution to young scientistsNits effects on birds, animals and the dire consequences to entire ecosystems if it is not controlled.

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Mountain research

Published in: wikipedia > english > Mountain research | Published on 24/Jun/2018 00:33

Mountain research or montology, traditionally also known as orology (from Greek oros ὄρος for 'mountain' and logos λόγος), is a field of research that regionally concentrates on the Earth's surface's part covered by mountain landscapes.

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Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic

Published in: youtube > National Geographic > green energy | Published on 17/Jun/2018 04:56

There are many benefits to using renewable energy resources, but what is it exactly? From solar to wind, find out more about alternative energy, the fastest-growing source of energy in the...

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Physics of Plutonium Recycling: Plutonium recycling in fast reactors

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > recycling | Published on 01/May/2018 19:39

156 pages , OECD Publishing , 2003-01-01

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Os 50 mais importantes livros em sustentabilidade , Wayne Visser

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature > Sustainability | Published on 04/Apr/2018 15:04

A obra Os 50 + importantes livros em sustentabilidade oferece ao leitor a essência das ideias dos 50 livros mais importantes sobre o planeta, a relação entre seus habitantes, soluções tecnológicas, novas concepções filosóficas empresariais e econômicas, propostas políticas e um programa de reforma internacional, favorecendo a reflexão sobre os caminhos p...[Read More]

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Environmental, Safety, and Health Engineering

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental engineering | Published on 31/Mar/2018 13:20

580 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 1997-05-26
A complete guide to environmental, safety, and health engineering, including an overview of EPA and OSHA regulations; principles of environmental engineering, including pollution prevention, waste and wastewater treatment and disposal, environmental statistics, air emissions and abatement engineering, and hazardous waste storage...[Read More]

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Feeding the World A Challenge for the Twenty-First Century

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > Earth biosphere | Published on 29/Mar/2018 11:17

360 pages , MIT Press , 2001-08-24
This book addresses the question of how we can best feed the ten billion or so people who will likely inhabit the Earth by the middle of the twenty-first century. He asks whether human ingenuity can produce enough food to support healthy and vigorous lives for all these people without irreparably damaging the integrity of the biosphere....[Read More]

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Keep Earth Clean and Love!

Published in: facebook > group > environmental education | Published on 28/Mar/2018 00:49

We are trying to help our community any where its not only in Austin,Tx. We are cleaning litters off the nature. This page for educating everyone to acquire about recycle, mother nature, do not litter and everything will more shown on this wall post :) you are more welcome to share your thoughts! Enjoy!

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Environmental Management for Hotels

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental management | Published on 22/Mar/2018 14:34

224 pages , Taylor & Francis , 2010-02-17
Environmental Management for Hotels is a textbook for hospitality students that covers the relatively new field of environmental management. The reader is guided in how to make decisions which allow hotels to obtain optimum benefits for the environment whilst not threatening their own financial viability. Students are given an un...[Read More]

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What Kind of Careers Can You Pursue in Environmental Sciences?

Published in: youtube > HDR > environmental science | Published on 21/Mar/2018 05:30

Our Environmental Sciences & Planning team touches every type of project we work on. Hear more from them about all the interesting things you can do in this career field.

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Ecology and the Jewish Spirit Where Nature and the Sacred Meet

Published in: Google Books > Nature > Ecology | Published on 11/Feb/2018 05:45

288 pages , Jewish Lights Publishing , 2000
Innovative contributors bring us a richer understanding of the long-neglected themes of nature that are woven through the biblical creation story, ancient texts, traditional law, the holiday cycles, prayer, mitzvot (good deeds) and community.

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