The Most Uneducated FPS Officer is BACK - Environmental Protection Agency - 1st Amendment Audit

Published in: youtube > WolfyGladly: Accountability Inspector > Environmental protection | Published on 30/Dec/2019 06:29

This video is for educational purposes. Thanks for watching ! Like and share & please feel free to engage in the comments section below ! If you wish to donate: ...

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Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools

Published in: Google Books > Education > ecology for kids | Published on 10/Sep/2019 05:07

270 pages , ISTE (Interntl Soc Tech Educ , 2007
What can Web 2.0 tools offer educators? Web 2.0: New Tools, New Schools provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging Web 2.0 technologies and their use in the classroom and in professional development. Topics include blogging as a natural tool for writing instruction, wikis and their role in project collaboration, podc...[Read More]

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Go Green, Canada! Puzzles, Games and Quizzes for a Healthy Planet

Published in: Google Books > Ecology > ecology for kids | Published on 09/Sep/2019 08:06

48 pages , Scholastic Canada , 2008-04
Want to put the freeze on global warming? Want to be in the know zone about the ozone? Reduce the heat or the air-conditioning, reuse an old pencil stub and recycle your brain cells! It's time to tackle these fun games and quizzes and learn how you can help the environment!

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Strengthening Science at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research-Management and Peer-Review Practices

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Environmental protection | Published on 05/Aug/2019 09:44

178 pages , National Academies Press , 2000-09-25
In the three decades since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created, the agency's scientific and technical practices and credibility have been independently assessed many times in reports from the National Research Council (NRC), EPA Science Advisory Board, General Accounting Office, and many other organ...[Read More]

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Ecological design

Published in: wikipedia > english > Ecological design | Published on 27/Jul/2018 16:51

Ecological design is defined by Sim Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowan as "any form of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living processes." Ecological design is an integrative ecologically responsible design discipline. It helps connect scattered efforts in green architecture, sustainable agriculture, ecological engineering, ecological restoration and o...[Read More]

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Cuyahoga River Pollution Ohio 1967

Published in: youtube > markdcatlin > pollution | Published on 20/Jul/2018 15:31

I grew up in Akron, Ohio on the Cuyahoga River in the 1960s and recall the foaming soap suds (before phosphates were removed from detergents), smell and the pollution. On June 22, 1969 a...

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International Phytogeographic Excursion

Published in: wikipedia > english > International Phytogeographic Ex | Published on 10/Jul/2018 05:21

The International Phytogeographic Excursions was a series of international meetings in plant geography that significantly contributed to exchange of scientific ideas across national and linguistic barriers and also to the rise of Anglo-American plant ecology. The initiative was taken by the British botanist Arthur Tansley at the International Geographic Congress in Geneva in 1908. Tansley and anot...[Read More]

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WTO environment protection

Published in: youtube > Ieva Laucyte > Environmental protection | Published on 30/Jun/2018 09:30

World trade organization and vary painful tuna-dolphin case.

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Ecological succession

Published in: youtube > Shomu's Biology > Ecology | Published on 28/Jun/2018 17:06

For more information, log on to- Download the study materials here- Ecological succession is the observed...

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Reinforcement (speciation)

Published in: wikipedia > english > Reinforcement (speciation) | Published on 28/May/2018 01:25

Reinforcement (sometimes called secondary contact) is a process of speciation where natural selection increases the reproductive isolation between two populations of species. This occurs as a result of selection acting against the production of hybrid individuals who are of low fitness. The idea was originally developed by Alfred Russel Wallace and is sometimes referred to as the Wallace effect. T...[Read More]

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Tom Lehrer Sings Pollution 1967

Published in: youtube > markdcatlin > pollution | Published on 04/May/2018 08:40

This song and film came just a few years before the first Earth Day in 1970. Tom Lehrer is an American singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist, and mathematician. He known for the pithy, humorous...

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Sycamore Land Trust - Monarch Environmental Education Endowment

Published in: youtube > CFBloomMonroeCounty > environmental education | Published on 30/Apr/2018 12:30

Since 2005, the Sycamore Land Trust​ Environmental Education Program has provided hands-on experiences to people of all ages, free of charge. The Monarch Environmental Education Endowment...

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