Eutrophication and dead zones | Ecology | Khan Academy

Published in: youtube > Khan Academy > Ecology | Published on 08/Oct/2019 02:58

Eutrophication and dead zones. Watch the next lesson: Missed the ...

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The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You , Dorothy Bryant

Published in: itune > Fiction & Literature,Books,Literary > Environmental protection | Published on 09/Sep/2019 12:26

A major backlist sleeper! 130,000 sold-to-date! A feminist sci-fi novel. The kin of Ata live only for "the dream". Into their midst comes a desperate man who is first subdued and then led on a spiritual journey that, sooner or later, all of us make.

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Water Pollution VIII Modelling, Monitoring and Management

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > pollution | Published on 07/Aug/2018 00:37

651 pages , WIT Press , 2006-01-01
This book publishes the proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Modelling, Measuring and Prediction of Water Pollution. Water pollution is a subject of growing public concern. The scientific community has responded very rapidly to the need for studies capable of relating the pollutant discharge with changes in the water qu...[Read More]

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Akantor Ecology (With High Quality)

Published in: youtube > Corfal > Ecology | Published on 30/Jul/2018 01:10

A jet black body with large fangs and a spiny shall match a violent personality, making Akantor a terror.

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Is Tourism Sustainable?

Published in: youtube > Absolute Zero Help > environmental sustainability | Published on 11/Jun/2018 05:26

Issue as more regions and sustainable tourism should also maintain a high level of tourist satisfaction ensure meaningful experience to the tourists, raising their awareness about 6 sep 2013...

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Do Christians care about the environment? [Ask the Experts: Energy & the Environment]

Published in: youtube > BiolaUniversity > Environment care | Published on 05/Jun/2018 08:19

How and why should Christians care for the environment? And what might the Christian worldview have to say about issues like nuclear waste, electricity consumption, overpopulation or even how...

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Lets hear from our judges

Published in: youtube > > environmental education | Published on 02/Jun/2018 10:16

Ranjit Acharya, born in 1970 started his career early around the age of 21 by starting Prisma Advertising in 1991. Acharya being the CEO, currently this company is extremely successful winning...

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Dematerialization (products)

Published in: wikipedia > english > Dematerialization (products) | Published on 23/May/2018 09:23

The dematerialization of a product literally means less, or better yet, no material is used to deliver the same level of functionality to the user. Sharing, borrowing and the organization of group services that facilitate and cater for communities needs could alleviate the requirement of ownership of many products. In his book ‘'In the Bubble: designing in a complex world'’, John Thak...[Read More]

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Ecology:Environmental Issues - 1 (CH19)

Published in: youtube > Ch-19 Biology [ IIT-PAL] > environmental issues | Published on 22/May/2018 14:39

Subject : Biology Courses Name : IIT PAL Name of Presenter : Ms. Rikisha Bhaumik Keyword : Swayam Prabha, NCERT, Class XI and Class XII Biology.

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Celebrating Environmental Education: Tbilisi+40

Published in: youtube > North American Association for Environmental Education > environmental education | Published on 10/May/2018 11:28

Celebrate the accomplishments of the field of environmental education (EE) since the signing of the Tbilisi Declaration in 1977! Learn more about the history of EE via #eeLEARN, a series of...

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Sustainability for the Nation: Resource Connection and Governance Linkages

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Sustainability | Published on 09/May/2018 08:36

124 pages , National Academies Press , 2013-06-11
A "sustainable society," according to one definition, "is one that can persist over generations; one that is far-seeing enough, flexible enough, and wise enough not to undermine either its physical or its social system of support." As the government sector works hard to ensure sufficient fresh water, food, energy, housing...[Read More]

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Ocean Pollution - Save Our Marine Life

Published in: youtube > Caitlin Foster > pollution | Published on 04/May/2018 21:09

Every year, millions of marine mammals die, because of what we put into the oceans. When you pick up a piece of plastic off the beach, you could be saving a whale. Why not save a life every...

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