Global warming

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A short animation on Global Warming by 13 year old Indian girl.

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Humans have walked the Earth for 190,000 years, a mere blip in Earth's 4.5-billion-year history. A lot has happened in that time. Earth formed and oxygen levels rose in the foundational years of the Precambrian. The productive Paleozoic era gave rise to hard-shelled organisms, vertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles. Dinosaurs ruled the Earth in the mighty Mesozoic. And 64 million years after dinosa...[Read More]

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Protected Areas and International Environmental Law

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318 pages , Martinus Nijhoff Publishers , 2007
This volume seeks to provide the reader with a clear understanding to the way that protected areas are created, listed and managed in international law. In doing so, it provides a complete overview of the primary international and regional conventions in this area, and the decisions and resolutions that have come from them. ...[Read More]

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Business Models for Renewable Energy in the Built Environment

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > renewable energy | Published on 10/Jul/2018 22:13

196 pages , Routledge , 2013-03-05
Business Models for Renewable Energy in the Built Environment provides insight to policy makers and market actors as to the ways that new and innovative business models (and/or policy measures) can stimulate the deployment of renewable energy technologies (RET) and energy efficiency (EE) measures in this field. This project was initiate...[Read More]

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Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology 2013 Endorsed by the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE)

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Earth biosphere | Published on 25/Jun/2018 20:25

258 pages , Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers , 2013-09-05
The body of knowledge in most medical specialties is rapidly expanding, making it virtually impossible to follow all advances in clinical and basic sciences that are relevant to a given field. This is particularly true in pediatric endocrinology, at the cross-road of pediatrics, endocrinology, development ...[Read More]

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The Healing Environment Without and Within

Published in: Google Books > Alternative medicine > Environment care | Published on 19/Jun/2018 12:15

221 pages , Royal College of Physicians , 2003
This book provides a framework for understanding the healing environment - not only that in which health care takes place but also the real contribution that the arts can make to those on a apth of physical or mental healing.

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Ecological imperialism

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Ecological imperialism is the theory advanced first by Alfred Crosby that European settlers were successful in colonization of other regions because of their accidental or deliberate introduction of animals, plants, and disease leading to major shifts in the ecology of the colonized areas and to population collapses in the endemic peoples. The many pathogens they carried with them adversely affect...[Read More]

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Theory I: Ecological niches and geographic distributions

Published in: youtube > UCL CBER > Ecology | Published on 07/Jun/2018 12:02

This is the first part of a training course on Species Distribution Modelling (also called Ecological Niche Modelling) taught by Richard Pearson at University College London in November 2014....

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Conservation, biodiversity, biogeography, and natural history

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The purpose and title of the group. Postings here generally address or conspicuously fall into one or more of the title topics. In general, broader scale global environmental topics, while admittedly related or relevant to the four categories of the group's name and purpose, are sometimes too broad for the group as purposed and beyond the scope of this group's initial intended purpose and title....[Read More]

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Khmer Amazing Skill, Best Recycling Tips, ទេពកោសល្យធម្មជាតិជាងសំណង់, Mr NC Channel

Published in: youtube > Mr. NC > recycling | Published on 26/May/2018 04:10

ខ្ញុំពិតជាសូមសម្តែងនូវការអគុណយ៉ាងខ្លាំងចំពោះបងប្អូនទាំងអស់ ដែáž...[Read More]

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WET Systems - Ecological Sewage Treatment Systems

Published in: youtube > Blueprint Alliance > Ecology | Published on 22/May/2018 01:59

Introduction video by Jay Abrahams from the Blueprint Alliance on Wetland Ecological Treatment systems.

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Science behind the global warming

Published in: youtube > satyendra choudhry > global warming | Published on 03/Apr/2018 20:16

Science of global warming and climate change.

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