Open Minds to Equality A Sourcebook of Learning Activities to Affirm Diversity and Promote Equity

Published in: Google Books > Education > Environment care | Published on 05/Apr/2021 21:38

387 pages , Allyn & Bacon , 1998
Educators are becoming increasingly concerned with more areas of discrimination and inequality that affects students. For example, as more immigrant students enter schools, understandings and skills for educating about language discrimination are needed. Similarly, as educators become more aware of the negative consequences of homophobic ...[Read More]

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Strategies for Sustainable Architecture

Published in: Google Books > Architecture > Sustainability | Published on 21/Mar/2021 20:16

312 pages , Taylor & Francis , 2006-09-27
Filling a gap in existing literature on sustainable design, this new guide introduces and illustrates sustainable design principles through detailed case studies of sustainable buildings in Europe, North America and Australia. The guide will provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the design issues involved in deliverin...[Read More]

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Wheat Ecology and Physiology of Yield Determination

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > Ecology | Published on 19/Oct/2020 13:07

503 pages , CRC Press , 1999-05-06
Discussing the latest processes involved in researching yield generation, Wheat: Ecology and Physiology of Yield Determination will help you design various types of crop production systems for maximum yield. Featuring information on developing high-yielding, low-input, and quality-oriented systems, this book offers you both physiologica...[Read More]

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Energy Efficient Buildings

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > green energy | Published on 28/Sep/2020 10:17

214 pages , BoD – Books on Demand , 2017-01-18
This book discusses energy efficient buildings and the role they play in our efforts to address climate change, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by considering buildings and the construction sector's unique position along a critical path to decarbonisation from a multi-perspective and holistic viewpoint. Top...[Read More]

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Environment and Ecology Lecture 10.2 - Global Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation

Published in: youtube > SleepyClasses > ecology for kids | Published on 06/Jan/2020 08:52

Welcome to Sleepy Classes. Top Quality GS Coaching. FREE. Creating IAS from the grassroots of our nation. Prelims 2020 Programs: Crash Course + Test ...

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Environmental Management | Tramontina

Published in: youtube > Tramontina > environmental management | Published on 09/Dec/2019 16:53

Environmental and social responsibility are two of Tramontina's mainstays. Each step the company takes reconciles productivity with respect for the environment, ...

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Ryan's Recycling - 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur Goes Green and then Goes Global!

Published in: youtube > OnlyGood TV > recycling | Published on 11/Nov/2019 07:05

Ryan Hickman is a kid with a unique perspective on how he likes to spend his free time. “We all have our passions,” he explains. “My only sport is ...

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Chris McKnett: The investment logic for sustainability

Published in: youtube > TED > Sustainability | Published on 30/Sep/2019 08:00

Sustainability is pretty clearly one of the world's most important goals; but what groups can really make environmental progress in leaps and bounds?

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Marine Pollution New Research

Published in: Google Books > Science > pollution | Published on 15/Jul/2019 23:57

448 pages , Nova Publishers , 2008
Marine pollution is the harmful effect caused by the entry into the ocean of chemicals or particles. An associated problem is that many potentially toxic chemical's adhere to tiny particles which are then taken up by plankton and benthos animals, most of which are either deposit or filter feeders, concentrating upward within ocean food ...[Read More]

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Upskill & GE Renewable Energy: Wind Turbine Wiring Productivity Study Using Skylight

Published in: youtube > Upskill > renewable energy | Published on 03/Aug/2018 15:33

A GE Renewables technician compares first time use of smart glasses powered with Skylight software platform by Upskill against current process for completing wiring insertions for a wind turbine....

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Statistics for Environmental Engineers, Second Edition

Published in: Google Books > Mathematics > environmental engineering | Published on 24/Jul/2018 07:48

512 pages , CRC Press , 2002-01-29
Two critical questions arise when one is confronted with a new problem that involves the collection and analysis of data. How will the use of statistics help solve this problem? Which techniques should be used? Statistics for Environmental Engineers, Second Edition helps environmental science and engineering students answer these questi...[Read More]

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Mountains and Plains The Ecology of Wyoming Landscapes

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 14/Jul/2018 16:52

352 pages , Yale University Press , 1996-08-01
Studies the rich diversity of plant and animal life of the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the intermountain basins in Wyoming and adjacent states. The author surveys the geologic history of such diverse environments as Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park and the Black Hills.

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