Published in: youtube > Diya's Funplay > pollution | Published on 11/May/2020 23:07

Hi Kids and Parents, In this video, children will be learning how to build air and water pollution model for school project and exhibition purposes. It will be total ...

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Kalabia Environmental Education Program in Raja Ampat, West Papua

Published in: youtube > Angela Beer > environmental education | Published on 26/Nov/2018 17:16

The Kalabia is a unique, inspired interactive environmental education program that visits all the villages in Raja Ampat in the Bird's Head Seascape of West ...

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Cambodia's Hun Sen welcomes China's Li Keqiang

Published in: youtube > AP Archive > environmental issues | Published on 13/Aug/2018 08:54

(11 Jan 2018) Cambodia and China on Thursday signed a raft of agreements worth several billion dollars intended to boost the southeast Asian nation's infrastructure, agriculture and health...

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Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, Dublin

Published in: wikipedia > english > Jesuit Centre for Faith and Just | Published on 06/Jul/2018 03:39

Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, Dublin, is an agency of the Irish province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The Centre researches, publishes, advocates, and networks on social justice issues such as prison reform, housing, ecology, refugees, health policy, and on renewal in the Catholic Church.

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Introduction of ACI 350.5, Specification for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures

Published in: youtube > American Concrete Institute > environmental engineering | Published on 03/Jul/2018 18:33

Charles S. Hanskat, Managing Principal, Hanskat Consulting Group, Northbrook, IL The objective of this session is to present the latest analytical procedures, experimental findings, and constructi...

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Renewable Energy Has a Bright Future

Published in: youtube > Journeyman Pictures > renewable energy | Published on 29/Jun/2018 14:38

Renewable Energy: The future of renewable energy is brighter than ever thanks to some amazing technological innovations. Subscribe to Journeyman here:

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Communication Campaign on Environmental Protection

Published in: youtube > Cherrymae Sta. Ana > Environmental protection | Published on 14/May/2018 21:34

Communication Campaigns (COMM 2163) Sir Dan Esponilla Dalac PUP - Open University Members: Kiethlyn Mae Paronable Rhodora Vasquez Cherrymae Sta. Ana Rosemarie Cometa - Concepcion Mellie Anne...

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Cultural Globalization A User's Guide

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > ecology for kids | Published on 12/May/2018 23:46

192 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2010-01-05
Cultural Globalization: A User’s Guide is a personal and engaging journey through theories of culture and globalization. Drawing on extensive examples and interdisciplinary research, Wise explores concepts of culture, territory and identity in order to give students a new perspective on issues of globalization. Includes numero...[Read More]

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The Mongolian Ecosystem Network Environmental Issues Under Climate and Social Changes

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental issues | Published on 12/May/2018 18:50

320 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2012-09-07
The aim of this book is to describe what is currently occurring in the Mongolian grasslands, to analyze how various factors creating environmental problems interact, and to suggest solutions for sustainable management of the grasslands. The book has three parts. Part I is an introduction, explaining the key conce...[Read More]

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Conservation status

Published in: wikipedia > english > Conservation status | Published on 30/Apr/2018 08:41

The conservation status of a group of organisms (for instance, a species) indicates whether the group still exists and how likely the group is to become extinct in the near future. Many factors are taken into account when assessing conservation status: not simply the number of individuals remaining, but the overall increase or decrease in the population over time, breeding success rates, and known...[Read More]

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EDB short Film Competition by students of GIIS Queenstown on environmental sustainability

Published in: youtube > Amogh Kanvinde > environmental sustainability | Published on 17/Apr/2018 13:38

We the students of Global Indian International school Singapore have prepared a short skit on environmental sustainability. Hope you enjoy it!

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Plant A Tree Today Foundation

Published in: wikipedia > english > Plant A Tree Today Foundation | Published on 31/Mar/2018 11:32

The Plant A Tree Today Foundation (PATT) is a non-governmental environmental organization with primary operations in Thailand and Indonesia. Established in 2005, PATT attempts to raise environmental awareness and foster better practices in less developed nations around the world, planting trees as a means to combat deforestation and climate change.

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