Planetary Praxis & Pedagogy Transdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Education > environmental sustainability | Published on 18/Aug/2018 09:56

150 pages , Springer , 2015-11-02
“Good books make important points because their authors have something worthwhile to say. This book is more than a good book because its authors not only make important points but they do so in ways that exemplify the transdisciplinarity the authors write about. In eight interesting and insightful chapters the book connects pedagog...[Read More]

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Worst Pollution on Earth.wmv

Published in: youtube > Ed Rha Hyun > pollution | Published on 09/Aug/2018 11:44

Cities all over the world are getting bigger as more and more people move from rural to urban sites, but that has created enormous problems with respect to environmental pollution and the general...

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Behind the Green Door: Chris Bratt, Environmental Activist

Published in: youtube > Stories of Southern Oregon > environmental management | Published on 09/Aug/2018 07:07

Chris Bratt tired of building frame houses in the Bay Area and sought out the place where the lumber was from. He settled in the Applegate in the 1970s, and when the Bureau of Land Management...

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Governance for Justice and Environmental Sustainability Lessons Across Natural Resource Sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa

Published in: Google Books > BUSINESS & ECONOMICS > environmental sustainability | Published on 07/Aug/2018 03:07

384 pages , Routledge , 2014-02-24
Understanding the governance of complex social-ecological systems is vital in a world faced with rapid environmental change, conflicts over dwindling natural resources, stark disparities between rich and poor and the crises of sustainability. Improved understanding is also essential to promote governance approaches that are underpinned ...[Read More]

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The Hartwell Paper

Published in: wikipedia > english > The Hartwell Paper | Published on 31/Jul/2018 22:55

The Hartwell Paper calls for a reorientation of climate policy after the perceived failure in 2009 of the UNFCCC climate conference in Copenhagen. It was a response to the United Nations' Kyoto Protocol, a previous international agreement meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The paper was published in May 2010 by the London School of Economics in cooperation with the University of Oxford. The...[Read More]

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Campus Insights: Professor Tami Bond, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > Illinois1867 > environmental engineering | Published on 28/Jul/2018 12:42

On September 11, 2013, six faculty members from the Urbana-Champaign campus gave brief presentations to the University of Illinois Board of Trustees on their research and outreach activities....

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Deep Green – a unique technology to produce renewable energy

Published in: youtube > Minesto > renewable energy | Published on 25/Jul/2018 10:35

Minesto's patented and award-winning product Deep Green is the only known and verified marine energy technology for cost-effective, reliable and clean ...

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Recreation ecology

Published in: wikipedia > english > Recreation ecology | Published on 18/Jul/2018 21:46

Recreation ecology is the scientific study of environmental impacts resulting from recreational activity in protected natural areas. This field of study includes research and monitoring assessments of biophysical changes, analyses to identify causal and influential factors or support carrying capacity planning and management, and investigations of the efficacy of educational, regulatory, and site ...[Read More]

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Forestry Talks - Jerry Franklin - Ecological forestry - a global view

Published in: youtube > Forestrytas > Ecology | Published on 02/Jul/2018 23:36

Jerry Franklin Professor of Ecosystem Analysis University of Washington Jerry will describe how ecological principles can guide stand and landscape level forest management.

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International Climate Policy to Combat Global Warming An Analysis of the Ancillary Benefits of Reducing Carbon Emissions

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > global warming | Published on 12/Jun/2018 19:22

185 pages , Edward Elgar Publishing , 2002-01-01
In their pursuit of policies to combat global warming, countries will find that they may also receive additional benefits which are not directly associated with the primary aim. These ancillary benefits are likely to include, for example, a reduction in pollution as a result of carbon containment policies. International Cl...[Read More]

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The Green Museum A Primer on Environmental Practice

Published in: Google Books > Architecture > environmental sustainability | Published on 07/Jun/2018 02:42

292 pages , AltaMira Press , 2013-03-21
Environmentally friendly practices are crucial to the mission of museums, which, as houses of preservation, are uniquely suited to modeling green behavior and sustainability. The Green Museum remains the leading handbook for museums seeking to learn ways to implement environmentally sustainable practices at their institutions, whet...[Read More]

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Wonderland model

Published in: wikipedia > english > Wonderland model | Published on 30/May/2018 03:08

Wonderland is an integrated mathematical model used for studying phenomena in sustainable development. First introduced by (Sanderson 1994), there are now several related versions of the model in use. Wonderland allows economists, policy analysts and environmentalist to study the interactions between the economic, demographic and anthropogenic sectors of an idealized world, thereby enabling them t...[Read More]

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