Published in: youtube > Playtime with Dylan > ecology for kids | Published on 20/May/2019 04:48

Come along with 2 year old Dylan as he takes a trip to the Zoo! In this video, Dylan visits Holtsville Ecology Park in Long Island, NY with his Daddy! They see a ...

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Hands-on Ecology Real-life Activities for Kids

Published in: Google Books > Education > ecology for kids | Published on 12/Mar/2019 11:44

157 pages , PRUFROCK PRESS INC. , 2007
Children naturally are fascinated by the world around them, exploring the make-up of their world, including the animals, plants, and organisms that inhabit it, at an early age. Hands-On Ecology develops children's fascination with their world by giving them a front-row seat in the exploration of various ecological habitats. The book...[Read More]

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Policy and Power in Inclusive Education Values Into Practice

Published in: Google Books > Education > alternative power | Published on 10/Aug/2018 06:40

227 pages , Psychology Press , 2005
The movement towards inclusive education is undoubtedly an international phenomenon, and it has resulted in the development of policy initiatives impacting on schools in all nations. This informative, wide-ranging text brings together key illustrative material from an international field. It adopts a critical perspective on policy issu...[Read More]

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Dharma and Ecology of Hindu Communities Sustenance and Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Religion > Ecology | Published on 31/Jul/2018 10:55

228 pages , Routledge , 2016-04-22
In Indic religious traditions, a number of rituals and myths exist in which the environment is revered. Despite this nature worship in India, its natural resources are under heavy pressure with its growing economy and exploding population. This has led several scholars to raise questions about the role religious communities can play in ...[Read More]

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Alternative Development Unravelling Marginalization, Voicing Change

Published in: Google Books > Science > alternative power | Published on 04/Jul/2018 13:12

374 pages , Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. , 2014-02-28
This book brings together a collection of essays that discuss alternative development and its relevance for local/global processes of marginalization and change in the Global South. Alternative development questions who the producers of development knowledges and practices are, and aims at decentring development and geogr...[Read More]

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8 Ways To Recycle Textiles!

Published in: youtube > coolirpa > recycling | Published on 25/Jun/2018 00:11

Everyday is Earth Day! I share some tips on how and where you can recycle your old clothes and fabric :) Things I mentioned: Comeback Clothes -

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How To Care Of The Environment | Since Video For KIds | Animation For Babies | BabyBus

Published in: youtube > BabyBus - Kids TV - Songs & Stories > Environment care | Published on 06/Jun/2018 04:49

Subscribe to BabyBus Kids TV ▻▻ ————— BabyBus provides intelligent early childhood educational content online for children up to 6 years of age. BabyBus...

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The World of Myth An Anthology

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > Earth biosphere | Published on 01/Jun/2018 15:38

384 pages , Oxford University Press , 1991-01-24
Hercules, Zeus, Thor, Gilgamesh--these are the figures that leap to mind when we think of myth. But to David Leeming, myths are more than stories of deities and fantastic beings from non-Christian cultures. Myth is at once the most particular and the most universal feature of civilization, representing common concerns that...[Read More]

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Transformational Literacy Making the Common Core Shift with Work That Matters

Published in: Google Books > Education > ecology for kids | Published on 19/May/2018 02:40

336 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2014-08-20
Engage, challenge, and inspire students with work that matters Transformational Literacy, written by a team from EL Education, helps teachers leverage the Common Core instructional shifts—building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction, reading for and writing with evidence, and regular practice with complex textâ€...[Read More]

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Mod-01 Lec-35 Ecological Degradation and Environmental Protection

Published in: youtube > nptelhrd > Environmental protection | Published on 07/May/2018 18:29

Population and Society by Prof. A. K. Sharma , Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kanpur For more details on NPTEL visit

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Michael Recycle

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > recycling | Published on 16/Apr/2018 00:16

28 pages , 2008
Michael Recycle, the green-caped crusader, visits the town of Abberdoo-Rimey and proves to the residents that recycling can actually be fun.

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Whose Egg Is This?

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > ecology for kids | Published on 08/Apr/2018 16:27

32 pages , Capstone Classroom , 2012-01-01
"Simple text and full-color photos ask multiple-choice questions about which animal laid each egg"--

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