COP27 I Namibia-Europe green energy deal under spotlight

Published in: youtube > SABC News > green energy | Published on 22/May/2023 18:30

Africa-Europe climate cooperation is under the spotlight at COP27 in Egypt, with Brussels so far inking new green energy and ...

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How 6 Million Pounds Of Electronic Waste Gets Recycled A Month | Big Business

Published in: youtube > Business Insider > recycling | Published on 19/Sep/2021 23:21

Only 17\% of electronic waste is recycled. That's because devices aren't designed to be recycled. They're full of tiny, toxic materials that are hard and expensive ...

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Environmental Law: A Very Short Introduction | Elizabeth Fisher

Published in: youtube > Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press) > environmental issues | Published on 28/Jun/2021 06:19

Elizabeth Fisher, author of Environmental Law: A Very Short Introduction, gives her top 10 things you should know about Environmental Law.

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Alternative Energy: Urban Green Initiatives

Published in: youtube > CGTN Global Business > alternative power | Published on 21/Jun/2021 12:57

To discuss what goes into alternative energy projects in cities all over the world, BizAsiaAmerica anchor Michelle Makori is joined by Joshua Rogol, Vice ...

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Natos, Waor, Recycled J - CUESTIÓN DE FE (Letra) [Hijos de la Ruina Vol. 3]

Published in: youtube > Natos y Waor > recycling | Published on 10/May/2021 12:48

Letra por Waor, Recycled J y Natos. Música por Pablo Gareta y Harttins. Grabación y mezcla por Pablo Gareta en Fix Music Studio. Master por Koar en Local 12.

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Global Warming ??? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? 2050 ?? ???? ???? What If We don't Stop Global Warming

Published in: youtube > Amazing Talk > global warming | Published on 15/Feb/2021 11:14

Global warming is the ongoing rise of the average temperature of the Earth's climate system and has been demonstrated by direct temperature measurements ...

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Dr. Green Energy - ?????????????????????????????????????? ??????? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????

Published in: youtube > Dr. Green Channel > green energy | Published on 21/Dec/2020 08:01

??. ???? ?????????? ???????????? ??????????????? ???????? ?????????????????????? ??? ??????????????????????? ??? ??????? ?????????????????????????? ??????????? ???????? ...

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Ecology or Catastrophe , Janet Biehl

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences > Sustainability | Published on 22/Apr/2019 20:17

Murray Bookchin was not only one of the most significant and influential environmental philosophers of the twentieth century--he was also one of the most prescient. From industrial agriculture to nuclear radiation, Bookchin has been at the forefront of every major ecological issue since the very beginning, often proposing a solution before most people even recognize...[Read More]

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Mortal Kombat - Did Green Energy Ruin MKX?

Published in: youtube > History Behind The Warrior > green energy | Published on 01/Apr/2019 05:58

Hey guys! Welcome to another Mortal Kombat video! Now today Ill be doing a breakdown and analysis of the infamous 'Green Energy' that exists with the Mortal ...

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Global Warming Is VERY GODDAMN REAL!!!!!

Published in: youtube > Pissing On The POTUS > global warming | Published on 09/Aug/2018 06:11

Give it up republicunts! Acknowledge the truth about climate change. Or pay the price for it!!!

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Water Quality Engineering Physical / Chemical Treatment Processes

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental engineering | Published on 26/Jul/2018 02:44

904 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2013-06-13
Explains the fundamental theory and mathematics of water and wastewater treatment processes By carefully explaining both the underlying theory and the underlying mathematics, this text enables readers to fully grasp the fundamentals of physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater. Throughout the book, the a...[Read More]

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What Will Work Fighting Climate Change with Renewable Energy, Not Nuclear Power

Published in: Google Books > Philosophy > renewable energy | Published on 10/Jul/2018 02:42

368 pages , Oxford University Press , 2011-11-07
What Will Work makes a rigorous and compelling case that energy efficiencies and renewable energy-and not nuclear fission or "clean coal"-are the most effective, cheapest, and equitable solutions to the pressing problem of climate change.

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