Webinar: Environmental Management | University of Stirling

Published in: youtube > University of Stirling > environmental management | Published on 09/Dec/2019 14:44

Established 30 years ago, our Masters degree provides a solid grounding in the scientific principles that underpin environmental management. We cover topics ...

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Farewell, My Subaru , Doug Fine

Published in: itune > Biographies & Memoirs,Books,Lifestyle & Home,Science & Nature,Nature > Environmental protection | Published on 09/Sep/2019 04:51

Advance praise for Farewell, My Subaru

"Fine is Bryson Funny." ----Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Fine is an amiable and self-deprecating storyteller in the mold of Douglas Adams. If you're a fan of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-style humor -- and also looking to find out how to raise your own livestock to feed your ice-...[Read More]

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Environmental engineering and sanitation

Published in: Google Books > Medical > environmental engineering | Published on 26/Aug/2019 21:56

1418 pages , Wiley-Interscience , 1992
Updated to cover new laws and standards, including Federal Safe Drinking Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Clean Air Act of 1990. Applies sanitation and engineering theory and principles to environmental control in urban, suburban and rural communities. Engineering design, construction, operation and maintenan...[Read More]

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Deep Ecology for the 21st Century, Part 4: The Great Turning:? Reconnecting With The Natural World , Joanna Macy, Ted Roszak, Edward Wilson & Helena Norberg-Hodge

Published in: itune > Nonfiction, > Environmental protection | Published on 29/Apr/2019 23:42

? 1998 New Dimensions Foundation 1998-10-01T07:00:00Z USA
How can we stop the pattern of destroying our environment? This program with Edward O. Wilson, Joanna Macy, and others describes how to restore our wonder and connection with the natural world in order to live gracefully on this planet.

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Environmental Management

Published in: youtube > Talkto Harry > environmental management | Published on 11/Aug/2018 04:32

Global News Network; Talk to Harry, Host: Harry Tambuatco Co-Host: Dr. John Ortiz Teope Guest: Engr. Ramon Aguilar, of DENR Aired: March 12, 2012.

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The Hidden World of the Forest , Dwight R. Kuhn & David M. Schwartz

Published in: itune > Science & Nature,Books,Kids,Animals > recycling | Published on 05/Aug/2018 15:22

Grab a pair of binoculars, a magnifying glass and your sense of adventure for a guided nature walk through a typical North American forest. It is a complex and beautiful world that few people see close up, but through the lens of a master nature photographer, you will enjoy intimate views of the forest's plants, animals and other living things. The award-winning aut...[Read More]

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Statistical Ecology A Primer in Methods and Computing

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 02/Aug/2018 16:29

337 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 1988-05-18
Ecological community data. Spatial pattern analysis. Species-abundance relations. Species affinity. Community classification. Community ordination. Community interpretation.

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What is Hydrosphere? | Water Distribution | Environmental Science | EVS | LetsTute

Published in: youtube > Letstute > environmental science | Published on 26/Jul/2018 09:07

Check out our video on "Hydrosphere & Water Distribution" This session explains the following points : - What is Hydrosphere? - Distribution of Water Get the entire course on Hydrosphere...

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Renewable Energy Integration Challenges and Solutions

Published in: Google Books > Science > green energy | Published on 09/May/2018 21:30

447 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2014-01-29
This book presents different aspects of renewable energy integration, from the latest developments in renewable energy technologies to the currently growing smart grids. The importance of different renewable energy sources is discussed, in order to identify the advantages and challenges for each technology. The r...[Read More]

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Ecological Factors (Biotic vs. Abiotic)

Published in: youtube > scienceclassisgreat > Ecology | Published on 23/Apr/2018 23:47

This video is part of the "General Ecology" lecture series. To see the full list of videos, visit: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL63F9C861A824DD4A For materials associated with this...

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Organic Tees - Ko Samui Tailors

Published in: youtube > Ko Samui Tailors > Environment care | Published on 23/Apr/2018 09:21

Ko Samui Tailors starts a new project that supports the Eco sustainability creating a Capsule of t-shirt entirely developed with care using the organic cotton. The aim is to help the final...

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Arab Al Rashayida, Solar System,Renewable Energy

Published in: youtube > ARIJ Jerusalem > renewable energy | Published on 22/Mar/2018 21:37

The overall objective of the project is to provide poorest families with small scale renewable energy, in order to improve the living conditions and access to electricity services which will...

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