Deforestation | Causes, Effects & Solutions | Video for Kids

Published in: youtube > learning junction > ecology for kids | Published on 27/Sep/2021 19:35

Deforestation #WhatisDeforestation #StopDeforestation Deforestation means cutting or clearing of trees or forests over large area for the facilitation of human ...

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Environmental Engineering | Waste water Treatment part 5 | Lec 38 | GATE/ESE Civil Engineering

Published in: youtube > Unacademy GATE - CE, CH > environmental engineering | Published on 19/Apr/2021 13:42

Welcome to Unacademy GATE, your one-stop solution for GATE and ESE preparation. India's top educators will be teaching you daily on this channel. We will ...

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Port of the Future Addressing Efficiency and Sustainability at the Port of Livorno with 5G

Published in: Google Books > > Sustainability | Published on 22/Mar/2021 19:26

Adapting traditional business models to be more cost-effective, and socially and environmentally sustainable - the triple bottom line of sustainable development - is becoming increasingly important. This applies to all industries, diverse and multidimensional sectors and activities, of which ports are a key example. This can be achieved by implementing sustainable port growth polic...[Read More]

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i recycled every gun in rust...

Published in: youtube > spoonkid2 > recycling | Published on 08/Mar/2021 15:17

I recycle every gun in rust. and then make a big tower. The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst ...

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Recycle TV from landfill into Bluetooth Speaker

Published in: youtube > X-Creation > recycling | Published on 01/Mar/2021 09:32

Recycle TV from landfill into Bluetooth Speaker *LIST OF MATERIALS: *Watch more: ...

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The Water Princess

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > Environment care | Published on 01/Feb/2021 07:37

40 pages , Penguin , 2016-09-13
Based on supermodel Georgie Badiel’s childhood, a young girl dreams of bringing clean drinking water to her African village With its wide sky and warm earth, Princess Gie Gie’s kingdom is a beautiful land. But clean drinking water is scarce in her small African village. And try as she might, Gie Gie cannot bring the water closer; she c...[Read More]

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Trump Waives Environmental Protection Regulations | NowThis

Published in: youtube > NowThis News > Environmental protection | Published on 17/Jan/2021 19:48

BREAKING: Pres. Trump has signed an executive order waiving environment protection regulations from a vast array of construction projects. Republicans railed ...

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Environment and sustainability by Aman Shukla

Published in: youtube > Aman Shukla > environmental sustainability | Published on 30/Nov/2020 05:07

This video will awake the people from the dream of better world . If we want a better system then we have to work from bottom of soil .

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Sustainability Fundamentals and Applications

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental sustainability | Published on 03/Aug/2020 08:05

696 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2020-03-19
A comprehensive resource to sustainability and its application to the environmental, industrial, agricultural and food security sectors Sustainability fills a gap in the literature in order to provide an important guide to the fundamental knowledge and practical applications of sustainability in a wide variety of areas. The auth...[Read More]

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Ecology Club

Published in: youtube > VOA News > ecology for kids | Published on 20/May/2019 11:52

A school in Virginia is helping kids become more environmentally conscious by teaching them about the ecosystem and how butterflies and the garden can help ...

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Published in: youtube > jennifergala > Earth biosphere | Published on 16/Aug/2018 19:50

Biosphere Soundtrack just released: iTunes We Are All Temporary Visitors on Earth - A Film about our Planet....

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Published in: facebook > group > Environmental protection | Published on 19/Jul/2018 11:19

Tenā koutou Hey! This is a group for all students studying Biol222 in 2108. Drop a post on any issues or general discussions about course content and studies. Talk to me directly via messenger if you want me to pass a problem onto a lecturer :) Ngā mihi, Amber🌿

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