The Food Police , Jayson Lusk

Published in: itune > Social Science,Books,Nonfiction,Professional & Technical,Engineering > Environmental protection | Published on 08/Sep/2019 21:52

A rollicking indictment of the liberal elite's hypocrisy when it comes to food.

Ban trans-fats? Outlaw Happy Meals? Tax Twinkies? What's next? Affirmative action for cows?   
     A catastrophe is looming. Farmers are raping the land and torturing animals. Food is riddled with deadly pesticides, hormones and...[Read More]

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3 keys to START Sustainable living

Published in: youtube > The Girl Gone Green > Sustainability | Published on 06/May/2019 11:42

Sustainability starts with you. Whether it's a plastic-free home or eco-friendly mindset. If you are creating an eco friendly home or a zero waste lifestyle I ...

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Searching for Yellowstone , Paul Schullery

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature > Sustainability | Published on 24/Apr/2019 11:34

In 1997 Yellowstone celebrated its 125th anniversary as a national park, the keystone in the federal system of reserved and protected places. The celebration was somewhat marred by debates over wolf reintroduction, road improvement, resort building, and "bioprospecting," the search for economically useful plant materials. Paul Schullery, a longtime resident and stud...[Read More]

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Zero Waste: Learning More about "Zero Waste" and Saying No to Plastics , Dueep Jyot Singh

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature > Sustainability | Published on 24/Apr/2019 00:30

Table of Contents

Waking up to the Hazards of Plastic
DIY projects- shopping bags
Old Jeans Shopping Bag
A bit about the Concept of Recycling
Making a No Plastic Kitchen
The idea of Bulk Buying
No Plastic No Waste Home Meal Delivery System
Making your own natural traditional containers - eating utensils...[Read More]

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Body Ecology Living with Donna Gates , Body Ecology Living with Donna Gates

Published in: itune > Health,Health,Podcasts,Alternative Health > Environment care | Published on 16/Apr/2019 01:36

2018-10-04T03:59:00Z USA

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Alternative Heating / Electricity Generation

Published in: youtube > envirosponsible > alternative power | Published on 08/Apr/2019 06:38 Visit Neal's youtube channel. Here's my website Neal has been ...

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Biological and Environmental Sciences & Engineering Division at KAUST

Published in: youtube > KAUST Official > environmental science | Published on 20/Jul/2018 04:25

Research in the Biological and Environmental Sciences & Engineering Division (BESE) is focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms through which organisms sense, adapt and respond to...

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The Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center

Published in: youtube > Lackawanna College > environmental education | Published on 16/Jul/2018 05:51

The Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center rests on 211-acres of property in Covington Township and is Gold LEED-certified. The building provides a venue with seating for up to...

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Bean and Late Game Changers - Plants vs Zombies Heroes Gameplay

Published in: youtube > Captain Hack > environmental issues | Published on 04/Jun/2018 17:09

Bean and Late Game Changers - Plants vs Zombies Heroes Gameplay If you had other suggestions or a deck challenge you want me to do please let me know down there below. For my other...

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Rebuilding prairies and forests Natalie Goldstein

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > ecology for kids | Published on 04/Jun/2018 04:45

96 pages , Childrens Pr , 1994-09-01
Provides information on the preservation of grasslands and rainforests, discussing the extinction of animals, jobs and the environment, and what we can do to help

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Geochemistry of Epigenesis

Published in: Google Books > Science > Earth biosphere | Published on 16/May/2018 23:58

266 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2012-12-06
In its classical sense "epigenesis" refers to all geological processes originating at or near the surface of the earth. It thus embraces all those phenomena which we associate with the land scape; Perel'man has already written extensively on this subject. The landscape, in the physical sense, is controlled by the...[Read More]

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Keepers of the Earth Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children

Published in: Google Books > History > ecology for kids | Published on 15/May/2018 08:38

209 pages , Fulcrum Publishing , 1988
A selection of traditional tales from various Indian peoples, each accompanied by instructions for related activities dealing with aspects of the environment.

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