Transition to Sustainability Towards a Humane and Diverse World

Published in: Google Books > Science > Sustainability | Published on 07/Aug/2018 22:58

107 pages , IUCN , 2008-01-01
The environmental movement has made huge progress over the last decades. Among others, it has raised awareness of challenges facing humanity, helped develop a critical mass of policies, and worked towards the implementation of many of these policies in collaboration with other stakeholders. Now, however, we are at a turning point in the hist...[Read More]

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Sesame Street - "Recycling Blues"

Published in: youtube > MarshalGrover > recycling | Published on 02/Aug/2018 19:29

The Spanish version sounds a lot better. Earth Day Playlist:

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Freshwater Fishes , Lionel Cavin

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Ecology > recycling | Published on 11/Jul/2018 13:48

With more than 15,000 species, nearly a quarter of the total number of vertebrate species on Earth, freshwater fishes are extremely varied. They include the largest fish species, the beluga at over 7 meters long, and the smallest, the Paedocypris at just 8 millimeters, as well as the carnivorous, such as the piranha, and the calm, such as the Chinese algae eater. Ce...[Read More]

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Indigenous (ecology)

Published in: wikipedia > english > Indigenous (ecology) | Published on 08/Jul/2018 02:43

In biogeography, a species is defined as indigenous to a given region or ecosystem if its presence in that region is the result of only natural process, with no human intervention. The term is equivalent to native in less scientific usage. Every wild organism (as opposed to a domesticated organism) has its own natural range of distribution in which it is regarded as indigenous. Outside this native...[Read More]

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Spudow's Imitater Power! - Plants vs Zombies Heroes Gameplay

Published in: youtube > Captain Hack > environmental issues | Published on 07/Jul/2018 19:46

Spudow's Imitater Power! - Plants vs Zombies Heroes Gameplay Everybody loves surprises and I love getting the best out of it. So for this episode, I'll be having Imitater as it transformed...

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Environmental Protection Agency Hearing On Disposal Of Coal Ash

Published in: youtube > CSPANJUNKIEd0tORG > Environmental protection | Published on 26/Jun/2018 08:17

January 22, 2015 C-SPAN Federal regulators and energy industry officials testified at a House Environment Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on the disposal of coal...

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Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > alternative power | Published on 18/Jun/2018 06:59

664 pages , Academic Press , 2011-08-29
Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines, Second Edition helps readers understand the causes and effects of power quality problems and provides techniques to mitigate these problems. Power quality is a measure of deviations in supply systems and their components, and affects all connected electrical and electronic equ...[Read More]

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Top 10 Reasons Why CLIMATE CHANGE Is NO LONGER A Debate

Published in: youtube > Top 10 Archive > global warming | Published on 12/Jun/2018 08:56

Welcome to Top10Archive! Global warming has been in the news for years with experts debating back and forth on what possibly could occur if nothing is done to curb its adverse effects. Global...

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Today's Environmental Issues: Democrats and Republicans

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > environmental issues | Published on 12/Jun/2018 06:09

382 pages , ABC-CLIO , 2017-12-31
An accessible and impartial survey of the positions of the Republican and Democratic parties on the most pressing environmental issues of our time, from climate change and wilderness preservation to air and water pollution. • Offers a comprehensive collection of essays that explain how party politics affect perspectives on current ...[Read More]

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Hooked Talking about Addiction

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > ecology for kids | Published on 17/May/2018 13:19

64 pages , 1995
Describes a wide variety of addictions, from substance abuse to compulsive behaviors, and explores some of the causes and treatments that are available.

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Case Studies in Nursing Case Management Health Care Delivery in a World of Managed Care

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Environment care | Published on 13/Apr/2018 16:55

450 pages , Jones & Bartlett Learning , 1996

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Effizientes Recycling von Elektro- und Elektronikaltgeräten

Published in: youtube > Video Promotion / Super8-Profi > recycling | Published on 13/Mar/2018 12:17

Mit der Agentur Bieler & Weyer haben wir einen Recyclingfilm für die Firma Hellmann Process Managment produziert.

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