Fenice Green Energy Park: il parco delle energie rinnovabili - Io faccio così #184

Published in: youtube > Italia Che Cambia > green energy | Published on 12/Nov/2018 18:20

Conferma l'iscrizione al nostro canale! http://bit.ly/2xBXucO Il Fenice Green Energy Park è un parco immerso nel verde, a Padova, che favorisce la conoscenza ...

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General Biology II , Dennis Holley

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature > global warming | Published on 24/Sep/2018 04:26

GENERAL BIOLOGY is an introductory level college biology textbook that provides students with an understandable and engaging encounter with the fundamentals of biology. Written for a two-semester undergraduate course of biology majors and presented as a bound set of two distinct volumes, this reader-friendly textbook(s) is concept driven vs. terminolog...[Read More]

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Raven Walks Around the World An Activist's Life

Published in: Google Books > Biography & Autobiography > environmental science | Published on 22/Jul/2018 00:36

272 pages , Harbour Publishing , 2017-10
The colourful autobiography of Thom Henley: environmentalist, human rights advocate and co-founder of the Rediscovery wilderness program for youth.

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Rwanda’s Electronic waste facility

Published in: youtube > Ghana Broadcasting Corporation > environmental management | Published on 21/Jul/2018 16:30

SUBSCRIBE for more videos: http://youtube.com/TheGBCghana With the electronic waste facility, all old electronics ceases to be a problem for Rwandans. The recycling facility is expected...

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Greenpeace Global Warming Ad

Published in: youtube > cmwdcjunk > global warming | Published on 17/Jul/2018 16:42

This TV spot was produced by our Finnish colleagues.

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Study Environmental Engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark

Published in: youtube > sesaau > environmental engineering | Published on 05/Jul/2018 04:40

Meet Mads who is studying Environmental Engineering at Aalborg University in Denmark.

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Marine Environmental Science: high school student experience

Published in: youtube > Shoals Marine Laboratory > environmental science | Published on 29/Jun/2018 09:55

Join us at the Shoals Marine Laboratory for Marine Environmental Science 2016! www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org.

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Dr Sherien El-Agroudy 'Environmental Engineering'

Published in: youtube > Fwis Pan Arab > environmental engineering | Published on 19/Jun/2018 22:47

Pan Arab L'Oreal UNESCO FWIS Fellow 2013.

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Ecological Population Counting

Published in: youtube > scienceclassisgreat > Ecology | Published on 17/May/2018 19:31

This video is part of the "Population Ecology" lecture series. To see the full list of videos, visit: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDDF6B3CD6C7485C5 For materials associated with...

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Introduction to Air Pollution

Published in: youtube > EcoDisco > pollution | Published on 11/May/2018 20:58

A brief video discussing major air pollutants and air pollution processes. Topics: Primary and secondary pollutants, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide,...

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The US Environmental Protection Agency rules that greenhouse gases endanger human hea

Published in: youtube > trans2020ccc > Environmental protection | Published on 07/May/2018 00:50

The US Environmental Protection Agency rules that greenhouse gases endanger human health allowing it to regulate planet-warming gases.

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E-Innovation for Sustainable Development of Rural Resources During Global Economic Crisis

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental sustainability | Published on 19/Mar/2018 14:13

317 pages , IGI Global , 2013-09-30
Implementation of technology into social and economic developments have provided key strengths in improving competitiveness and meeting the demands of modern society for life and the economy; including adapting to green development as a means to confront the economic crisis. E-Innovation for Sustainable Development of Rural Resources D...[Read More]

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