Global warming at work (Chasing Ice, 2012)

Published in: youtube > bavajose > global warming | Published on 14/Aug/2018 05:16

Incredible footage of melting glaciers in Alaska, Greenland, and Iceland as part of the project Extreme Ice Survey. This project, founded in 2007 by James Balog, is an innovative, long-term...

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Marine Plastic Pollution (NatGeo)

Published in: youtube > bavajose > pollution | Published on 12/Aug/2018 19:24

I do not own any copyright on this material. A segment of the video "Dirty Secrets" from "Strange days on planet Earth" (NatGeo). A survey of the North Pacific Gyre revelead in 1997 a ratio...

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Global Warming & Bleaching the Reef

Published in: youtube > bavajose > global warming | Published on 06/Apr/2018 10:44

A part of Strange Days on Planet Earth 2 form NatGeo. The effect of human development in the Riviera Maya in Mexico and its effect on the intricate system of subterranean rivers and coral reefs...

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